Photo Gallery: A Look at the Latest #51ShopPics

On Monday, Speed51 asked short track racing drivers and teams to send us their #51ShopPics Speed51 shared many of those on Tuesday, and now we’re back with some of the latest Shop Pic submissions.


Several people have sent in their submissions via email.  One such submission came from Big 8 Late Model racer Grant Brown, who has been preparing both of his Late Model cars as well as restoring his 1989 Ford Mustang.

The old engine comes out of Grant Brown’s 1989 Ford Mustang, his very first car. (Grant Brown photo)


The Mustang was Brown’s very first car, which he first drove when was 15.  Now a 19-year-old racer on the 2020 Speed51 Short Track Draft ballot, Brown is putting some work into the personal car as well as his Late Models.


“We have been working on getting both of our Big 8 Late Models ready to go, and are just done to putting gears in and buying tires as we get ready to go to Slinger on April 26 for the Big 8 opener,” Brown said in the email.  “We’ve also been “restoring” my 1989 Mustang that I’ve had since I was 15 (19 now) by putting in a built LS motor, tubular K frame, and all new front suspension. Also a little iRacing for fun.  Definitely no shortage of work to be done here, we always keep busy!”


Mertz Racing will field an entry in the Tri Track Open Modified Series for Woody Pitkat in the 2020 season. (Stan Mertz Photo)

Modifieds were very popular submissions from the first photo gallery for #51ShopPics, and that is no different in the second chapter.  Stan Mertz submitted a picture of his Mertz Racing shop, with the car piloted by Woody Pitkat getting front-and-center treatment.  Mertz and Pitkat will partner to compete with the Tri Track Open Modified Series in 2020.


Pitkat won a Modified Racing Series event with the Mertz Racing team in 2019, competing at Lee USA Speedway on October 5.  Pitkat also scored four top-10 finishes with the team in six Tri Track races in 2019, while also finishing sixth in the Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge event at White Mountain Motorsports Park.


With travel limited for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of race shops have seen less foot traffic than usual.  However, one team who emailed in their #51ShopPic found that four-legged crew members can help restore that camaraderie.


The LaFountain Racing team mascot stands proudly in front of the team’s lineup of race cars. (Molly LaFountain photo)

Molly LaFountain shared an image from the LaFountain Racing shop showing off their fleet of race cars, as well as the team’s most loyal member.  This Basset Hound has a nose for a fast race car.


Of course, Speed51 also received several #51ShopPics on Twitter at @speed51dotcom.


One Twitter submission came from a contender for last year’s NASCAR Weekly Racing Series National Championship.  Mike Looney and the Billy Martin Racing team have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming race season, as well as decorating the shop with some of the hardware, banner and accolades they received over the course of a wildly successful 2019 season.


Despite all of the time spent preparing and decorating, even they admit some sanity may have been lost along the way after being away from the racetrack for so long.





The Northeast was once again represented on #51ShopPics, with Dan Winter and Belanger Motorsports sending in their pictures.  Belanger Motorsports looks forward to competing at Star Speedway, while Winter is planning to primarily compete with the Pro All Stars Series in the 2020 season.




Bryan Andersen and Johnny Spilotro also showed off their Late Models, eagerly awaiting the return to racing.  Andersen is currently living in the short track racing hotbed of the Midwest, while Spilotro competes in the Super Late Model division at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.





Continue sending your #51ShopPics on social media!  Whether your car is ready to go or you’re putting on the finishing touches, send us your pictures and stories using the hashtag #51ShopPics on social media so we can share your hard work.


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-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

Photo Gallery: A Look at the Latest #51ShopPics