The fans at Dominion Raceway couldn’t have asked for anything better than the action they saw in the “Duels at Dominion” for the CARS Late Model Stock Tour. Two races, two photo finishes and two first-time CARS Tour winners.


In the first race it was Layne Riggs, the son of former NASCAR driver Scott Riggs, beating Deac McCaskill to the checkered flag by less than a bumper.


In race two, a caution set up a green-white-checkered restart.  This time it was local favorite Jeff Oakley, from Richmond, Virginia, beating Jared Fryar to finish line by 0.074-second.


300x250_PPV“This is great,” said Oakley.  “That’s what you always want to do.  To race and win with these guys is great, because they’re the best.”


Going into turn three on the final lap, Fryar slammed Oakley to get underneath of Oakley’s No. 11.  They then drag-raced to the checkered flag where Oakley got the win.


“That was crazy,” Oakley said.  “I don’t know if it looked as crazy as it felt, but I didn’t know what was going to happen so I just stayed in it.  I don’t blame him for doing what he did.  He was trying to win the race and so was I.  I just feel lucky to win one.”


The first “duel” saw Myatt Snider dominate much of the race, but a restart with about 10 laps to go changed everything.  Snider took the outside and put Oakley to his inside.  Snider had been able to hold off Oakley using the outside earlier in the race, but not on this particular restart.


Oakley went by Snider on the restart and so did Josh Berry with some contact.  It appeared that Snider didn’t take too kindly to the contact with Berry as he drove deep into the next corner and slammed Berry in the rear bumper.  They then went into turn one and door-slammed each other and Berry went around.


McCaskill (08) and Riggs make contact for the win in the first feature at Dominion on Saturday. ( photo)

McCaskill (08) and Riggs make contact for the win in the first feature at Dominion on Saturday. ( photo)

Snider was sent to the rear of the field by CARS Tour officials as a result of the incident.


According to Snider, he and Berry were able to talk and clear things out before the second race began.  Snider also explained to powered by JEGS what happened between he and Berry.


“I got loose into one when I was trying to pass him into turn one. In practice I’d been getting loose into one too, but when I was racing with Josh I got on the brakes too hard, got loose again and it was at the wrong time. It was my fault. I didn’t mean to do it. I hate that it happened.


That put Riggs the outside of Oakley for the restart with four laps to go.  Riggs got right in behind Oakley into turn three and contact between both drivers sent Oakley up the hill and Riggs into the lead. Deac McCaskill followed Riggs by Oakley to move into second.

Berry slides after contact from Snider in turn four. ( photo)

Berry slides after contact from Snider in turn four. ( photo)

McCaskill to a great run off turn two to dive under Riggs into turn three on the final lap.  They banged doors off turn four but Riggs held off McCaskill by about the length of a bumper to take the victory.


“It’s my first CARS Tour win and that’s great, but I do think I got a bit lucky as we were out to lunch much of the day,” said Riggs.


Saturday was the first time the CARS Tour ran double-features, and they proved to be treacherous for some of the big name drivers as Snider, Berry and McCaskill had trouble in the second race.


Berry’s race ended just a couple of laps into the second event as he started to overheat badly.  Snider then came to pit road about 10 laps later with a broken wheel stud.  McCaskill, the defending LMSC champion, crashed hard on the final lap of the race and finished 12th.


The next race for the CARS Tour will be at North Carolina’s Orange County Speedway on Saturday, April 22.


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-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

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LMSC Duels at Dominion Race #1

Dominion Raceway, Thornsburg, Virginia

Unofficial Results

Pos # Driver
1 99 Layne Riggs
2 08 Deac McCaskill
3 11 Jeff Oakley
4 28 Chris Hudspeth
5 8A Anthony Alfredo
6 81F Jared Fryer
7 88 Chris Davis
8 44 Justin Johnson
9 74 Ronald Hill
10 22 Grayson Cullather
11 88b Josh Berry
12 2 Myatt Snider
13 8 Trevor Rizzo
14 42 Craig Stallard
15 32 Brandon Grosso
16 7 Michael Hardin
17 18 Evan Swilling



LMSC Duels at Dominion Race #2 Unofficial Results

Pos # Driver
1 11 Jeff Oakley
2 81F Jared Fryer
3 99 Layne Riggs
4 32 Brandon Grosso
5 8A Anthony Alfredo
6 44 Justin Johnson
7 22 Grayson Cullather
8 28 Chris Hudspeth
9 18 Evan Swilling
10 88 Chris Davis
11 8 Trevor Rizzo
12 08 Deac McCaskill
13 7 Michael Hardin
14 42 Craig Stallard
15 74 Ronald Hill
16 2 Myatt Snider
17 88b Josh Berry


Photo Finishes and First-Time Winners in LMSC Duels at Dominion