With all of the time and effort that Chris Dilbeck puts into the racing side of PFC Brakes, those who don’t know him would probably believe he’d want to spend his off time away from a race track. Of course, it’s the complete opposite, with Dilbeck using his time to not just race Late Models, but win in them as well.  He did exactly that last Saturday at his home track of Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, GA.


After coming up just a fraction short in qualifying, Dilbeck made up for it by dominating the 50-lap Pro Late Model feature, winning his first race of 2018.


“We qualified second by two-thousands of a second and we were able to get the jump on Jordan McCallum on the start,” Dilbeck to Speed51.com. “We led every lap, so that was good. We had a restart with Dawson Fletcher where he kind of nosed out in front of us a little bit, but we had our car turning well in the center and we got back in front.”


Given Dilbeck’s long driving history at the 3/8-mile oval, it is always satisfying when he and the No. 9 team can put together such a complete performance.


“It’s a good feeling, that being my home track we can probably get around that place with our eyes closed,” he stated.  “We’ve been trying some new stuff and playing with some new suspension and the chassis of our car. We like to do that stuff at Cordele with our familiarity. Got a lot of laps, I think I was the first car on it when they paved it in 2001 with my Bandolero.”


Following Saturday night, Dilbeck now leads the track’s Pro Late Model points with the win and a fourth-place finish in the opening race.


“I haven’t even thought of that,” Dilbeck admitted.  “We ran fourth in our last race. Had a little dust-up with Gio Bromante there.  He’s a young kid, he’s fast and he’s a good race car driver; he’s just a little aggressive and got into me some. I decided I’m old enough to say, ‘I’m going to teach these kids a lesson.’ So I spun him out and they ended up putting me to the back. So we got a little Redemption, but I wish Gio and Casey Roderick were there this weekend because I think we would have had a pretty good race,” Dilbeck explained.


“But Dawson Fletcher has been pretty hot, he’s becoming a good driver, so to outrun him felt really good. Especially since Brett Ragan and I built that car, we know how nice and fast it is.”


Dilbeck is heading north to Hickory, NC for one more race during the Month of May, before turning his attention to the big month ahead for PFC Brakes. While he will be spending a great amount of time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he is also going to be on the job at Bristol Motor Speedway for the Short Track U.S. Nationals.


As for his driving schedule, that is written in pencil for the moment.


“We’re going to run the CARS Tour race this weekend at Hickory with the same car. I’m not sure if we’re going to run the whole schedule at Cordele; we’d like to but I’ve got my day job with PFC and we got to make sure we have our NASCAR, IndyCar, and Super Late Model customers taken care of before I race myself. But will try to do our best.


“We might go to Nashville for a race or two later in the year. That’s our tentative schedule for now, it depends on what sponsorship we come up with. It’s a good time.  Like I say every time we win one, this is my golf game and I’ve got to sharpen it somehow.”


-By: Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Crisp Motorsports Park

PFC’s Dilbeck Gets Back to Victory Lane at His Home Track