Preparations for the 2018 Short Track Draft presented by PFC Brakes on are underway. The ballot was recently revealed and sent out to a panel of industry experts to determine the top 51 short track racing prospects in North America.


As we prepare for the draft, we’ll be taking a look at a handful of drivers and providing scouting reports just like you would see ahead of the NFL Draft.  These scouting reports will take a look at a driver’s on-track performance, as well as other qualities that may make or break their chances of making it to the top levels of NASCAR.


We continue our round of scouting reports today with a look at Sheldon Haudenschild, who is continuing a legacy in the sprint car world.


Haudenschild crosses under the checkered flag for his first WoO Sprint Car victory at Volusia. (Photo credit: Paul Arch)

Sheldon Haudenschild

Age: 24

Current Level: World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series

Hometown: Wooster, Ohio

Highest Pick: Not Ranked

Anticipated pick: 31st – 35th


The Skinny: Haudenschild will be looking to make his debut in the top 51 for the Short Track Draft presented by PFC Brakes after missing the cut in 2017. Haudenschild is a well-known name throughout the sprint car world as his dad, “The Wild Child,” Jac Haudenschild has countless wins and championships under his belt. “Little Haud,” is looking to continue the Haudenschild legacy in Sprint Car racing, but also seeks to build his own name on one of the most prestigious tours in the nation.


Rising, Falling or Holding Steady: Rising

Coming off his rookie season with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series, Haudenschild was awarded with Rookie of the Year honors and picked up a local win at Wayne County Speedway in Ohio.


However, 2018 has proved to be a breakout year for “Little Haud.” He has already claimed four wins in the first couple months of the season. Therefore, Haudenschild is on the uphill climb of being one of the guys to beat week in and week out on the Outlaws circuit.


On-Track Accomplishments: B

Haudenschild’s rookie season went about how many drivers rookie seasons go. The team had highs and lows throughout the year, but held their heads high and never gave up. Haudenschild picked up a win at Wayne County Speedway during an off-weekend from the Outlaws.


Going into the 2018 season, the results have been the exact opposite from the previous year. He has scored one win with the Arctic Cat Circuit of Champions All Star Series and three wins with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series, claiming his first career Outlaws win at Volusia Speedway Park (FL), all in the first couple of months into the season.


Haudenschild will look to take it to the high-side and pick up a few more wins and be a championship contender this season.


Personality: A

Haudenschild is easily one of the nicest, laid-back drivers you can find. You will often catch him walking his dog, Pella, around the pits and stopping to chat with anyone along the way. He’s great with the fans, as is his team, and is very well respected by all of the competitors on the circuit. It’s obvious to see why he’s one of the crowd favorites.


Sponsor Appeal: A-

Although the 2017 season wasn’t one of the best that Haudenschild has had, he still was on the radar as a marketable driver for sponsors. He received the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series Rookie of the Year honors and was announced as a full-time driver under the Stenhouse Jr.-Marshall Racing banner with the Outlaws for 2018. NOS Energy jumped on-board with the team for the 2018 season as well. Haudenschild’s potential and talent that he already possesses will also appeal to sponsors as he continues to live out the Haudenschild legacy in Sprint Car racing.


Social Media: A+

All three platforms of Haudenschild’s social media showcase a good balance between personal life and racing. His personal account, the Haudenschild Racing account, and the Stenhouse Jr.-Marshall Racing account all are consistently giving racing updates for fans throughout the weekend. However, in the case of a rainout or an off-weekend, you can expect to see pictures of different adventures the team takes, along with the beloved Husky, Pella, in their downtime. It’s a great combination of racing and really seeing what it’s like on the road.


What’s Next?

Haudenschild will be in pursuit of more wins and a championship with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series in 2018.


-By Madison Mabry, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: / MoJo Photos

PFC Short Track Draft Scouting Report: Sheldon Haudenschild