PFC Short Track Draft Scouting Report: Jeremy Doss

Preparations for the 2019 Short Track Draft presented by PFC Brakes on are underway. The ballot was recently revealed and sent out to a panel of industry experts to determine the top 51 short track racing prospects in North America.


As we prepare for the draft, we’ll be taking a look at a handful of drivers and providing scouting reports just like you would see ahead of the NFL Draft.  These scouting reports will take a look at a driver’s on-track performance, as well as other qualities that may make or break their chances of making it to the top levels of NASCAR.


We continue our round of scouting reports today with a look at Jeremy Doss, one of the top prospects on the West Coast.


Doss celebrates an SRL victory at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. ( photo)

Jeremy Doss

Age: 22

Current Level: Super Late Models

Hometown: Upper Lake, CA

Highest Pick: 10th (2018)

Anticipated Pick: 4th-8th



The Skinny:

When talking about West Coast short track racing superstars, Jeremy Doss is one of the first names that enters the conversation. Fresh off his 2018 SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour championship, the young California driver has been grabbing national attention as one of the rising stars in Super Late Model racing. This year, he’ll be looking to jump into the top five in the Speed51 Short Track Draft for the first time. Doss has been drafted in the top 51 five consecutive years but 2019 could be his best year yet.


Rising, Falling or Holding Steady: Rising

How do you get your stock to rise? You win. One thing that Jeremy Doss did in 2018 was win. He had wins at some off the biggest races on the west coast including his second victory in the Montana 200 and Fall Classic at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Doss has also stepped up his game off the track with a better social media game and being named a finalist for the 2019 Kulwicki Driver Development Program.


On-Track Accomplishments: A

Regardless of where Doss traveled to in 2018, he found victory lane across the west coast. Doss picked up three SRL Southwest Tour wins, the Montana 200, Bud Crown Series at Evergreen Speedway (WA), Vegas Fall Classic and more all in a Super Late Model.


Doss has also kept busy during breaks in the Super Late Model schedule by competing in the Bomber division at Ukiah Speedway (CA) and an Outlaw Karts at race tracks near home. He scored four wins in four Bomber starts and five wins in his Outlaw Kart.


Doss is continuing where he left off last year with a great start to 2019, including a SRL Southwest Tour win at All-American Speedway (CA).


Personality: B-

The California young gun with a little southern charm draw has made Doss one of the favorable personalities on the west coast racing scene. While he’s very approachable and friendly to those he speaks with, he does still come off as being somewhat reserved during interviews with the media. Compared to others he’s up against in this year’s draft, he’s not as fine-tuned when it comes to speaking in front of a camera.


Rivalries can also breed personality and Doss has had his fair share of rivalries over the past few years, including a few heated battles with fellow West Coast star Derek Thorn. Add to that a new rivalry with Preston Peltier, and the young driver is beginning to flex his muscle on and off the track.


Sponsor Appeal: B+

Pairing his stellar on-track resume and motivation to succeed, Doss has a ton a sponsor appeal. The team travels across the West Coast giving sponsors exposure throughout multiple states and regions.  They have also made the trip to Florida in recent years to compete in prestigious Snowball Derby, giving his sponsors additional exposure to a different audience.


A stronger social media game and improvement in his interviews are two factors that could help him improve this rating moving forward.


Social Media: B+

Doss is active on his social media channels and has seen some increased activities over the past few months. Getting a little more active on social media and public relations is the area where Doss still needs some more improvement. With Doss being one of seven finalists for the Kulwicki Driver Development program, his social media game should step up in 2019. He has a strong loyal following on his social media and stays active during race weekends; however, he needs some work during his non-race weekends to help keep fans engaged.


What’s Next?

Doss has a busy schedule in 2019 running races across the west coast and defending his SRL championship. Doss will also be busy going for the KDDP championship. You will see Doss back in victory lane in 2019 as the young gun attempts to make his way near the top of the Short Track Draft.


 -Story by: Jeremy Anders, West Coast Editor 

PFC Short Track Draft Scouting Report: Jeremy Doss