Willie Milliken WINS at Dublin Speedway

Willie “Wild Child” Milliken scored VICTORY at Dublin Motor Speedway in the Dirt Late Model “Armed Force Day” race at Dublin, NC this past weekend.
This is Milliken’s official 6th win of the 2016 racing season.
Milliken’s No.1 Dirt Late Model car is fully equipped with PFC’s ZR24 Package, featuring ZeroDrag™ calipers, V3 ZeroFailures™ discs, and CarbonMetallic© pads.

Mike Harrison Claims 4th VICTORY of the Year

Driver Mike Harrison came home with a smile on his face this past weekend, capturing his fourth victory of the year at Fayette County Speedway.
Harrison’s Open Wheel Modified Dirt car is equipped with PFC’s ZeroFailures™ discs and CarbonMetallic© pads.
James Gregait WINS at Grundy County Speedway

Driver James Gregait won his first race feature of the year at Grundy County Speedway in the Super Late Model fast heat race.
Gregait started on the pole position and held his own throughout the entire heat race during the Mid-American race.
Gregait’s No.7 Super Late Model car features PFC’s ZR34 ZeroDrag™ calipers, ZeroFailures™ discs, and CarbonMetallic© pads–the best pads on the market, winning
More Championships than Any Other™.
Steven Brooks Finishes 2nd at Kankakee & Fairbury

Steven Brooks captured a solid 2nd place position at Kankakee County Speedway in the Bumper to Bumper Auto UMP Modified race.
Brooks also scored another 2nd place finish at Fairbury Speedway in the regular event modified race.
Alex Prunty Finishes 2nd at Slinger Speedway!
#TeamPFC driver Alex Prunty scored his best career overall weekend at Slinger Speedway–capturing the 2nd place spot across the finish line!
Prunty fought hard for the position, pressing onward to the 2nd place position with just 5 laps to go, and held onto that spot after battling side by side with other drivers.
Congratulations on your finish, Alex!

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