The leading brake company in Short Track Racing has a new product hitting the market in the coming weeks.  PFC Brakes is taking pre-orders for a new brake caliper, the ZR94, with the product set to be available soon.


“We’ve had a lot of success with our ZR34 package over the last few years,” said Chris Dilbeck, the director of NASCAR and Short Track Technical Sales.  “Really, no pun intended, it’s the hottest thing we have going for the short track guys.  It’s the stiffest caliper and coolest running caliper on the market and it’s been pretty wide open for the past three seasons.  We wanted to take what we had and improve on it and make it even better.”


PFC ZR94 300x250Dilbeck explained that their quest to improve upon the ZR34 led them to the ZR94 caliper.  The new caliper has piston insulators meant to reduce the temperature of the caliper by 50 degrees.  It also sees the removal of the external crossover tube, which makes the caliper lighter.  The crossover tube has been converted to an internal tube, making the caliper more durable in addition to being lighter.


While each change to the ZR94 makes it a great product, perhaps its biggest selling point is that it costs the exact same as the ZR34.  Now when the racer is figuring out his or her budget, they can work in an even better brake caliper for the same cost as the one they’ve already been using.


“It’s going to take our number one selling caliper and just really set it off.”


The ZR94 is currently available for preorders at


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

PFC Brakes Has New Product Set to Hit the Market