Timothy Peters captured his first win of the season by out-dueling several strong competitors to claim the victory Saturday at Myrtle Beach Speedway in South Carolina. Peters took the victory over Chad McCumbee, pulling off a late-race pass to claim the Icebreaker victory.


“It’s awesome to be able to come down here and hold our own with these guys that race down here all the time,” Peters told Speed51.com. “We were able to hold our own and prevail at the end, so that’s a good way to start our season.”


Peters started from the pole position for the 125-lap main event, but relinquished the lead early. Chad McCumbee and Matt Cox battled for the lead for an early portion of the race before a hard-charging Colby Howard surged to the point. However, Peters remained within striking distance.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)“I felt like everybody was racing hard early on and I thought I just needed to back off,” Peters said. “I thought I had backed off enough. But I learned a lesson when we ran the Myrtle Beach 400 down here, that when it was time to go, you needed to be in the right line in order to get that position and capitalize on it. So I had that in the back of my mind. I didn’t want to fall too far back and get blocked in, but I needed to run the same pace some of the top guys were running too.”


On lap 54, Cox reclaimed the lead from Howard and seemed to be unstoppable. Within 50 laps, McCumbee and Peters found their groove and began making their way towards the front, diminishing the sizable lead Cox had set.


“A little closer to halfway through the race, we started picking off a couple cars and moving back towards the leaders,” Peters stated. “Chad (McCumbee) had set a pretty good pace already, so I just ran with his pace and conserve what I could in order to have an opportunity to make that move for the lead when it came time.”


With 25 laps to go and sitting in second, Peters made the crucial move to the inside of McCumbee for the lead. Peters and McCumbee battled toe-to-toe for several laps before Peters found the edge he needed to make the pass for the lead.


“I thought I had already used up my right rear tire with 25 laps to go,” Peters said. “I just started trying to play around with my line and I found a line with a little bit of grip that suited the balance of my car and we were able to run Chad down and capitalize.”


Peters went on to take the checkered flag and claim his first win of the 2018 season.  McCumbee, Milliken, Tommy Lemons Jr. and Matt Bowling completed the top five.


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-By Madison Mabry, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51.com


Icebreaker 125 Unofficial Results

Myrtle Beach Speedway (SC) – February 10, 2018

1. Timothy Peters

2. Chad McCumbee

3. Justin Milliken

4. Tommy Lemons, Jr.

5. Matt Bowling

6. Brian Vause

7. Ty Gibbs

8. Matt Cox

9. Ryan Glenski

10. Anthony Anders

11. Sam Yarbrough

12. Ryan Millington

13. Colby Howard

14. Jeremy Burns

15. Jacob Heafner

16. Chris Throckmorton

17. Layne Riggs

18. Lucas Williams

19. Michael Faulk

20. Ed Williams

21. Justin Hicks

22. David Roberts

23. Bob Saville

24. Clay Thomas

25. Stuart Ricks

26. Dennis Holdren

27. Bryant Barnhill

Peters Breaks Ice on 2018 Season With Icebreaker Win