The end result of Saturday’s SBM 125 VI for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series at Star Speedway (NH) was one that many predicted going into the evening, with Matt Hirschman coming out on top for his fourth win in the race and seventh straight Modified win; however, the road to victory was one that many had not predicted.


Getting caught in the rear of his heat race, Hirschman started the feature 14th and was only able to climb as high as eighth by the time the yellow flew on Lap 73.


Soon after that yellow flag, everything changed as all the leaders pitted for tires and adjustments. Steve Masse had dominated the first half of the race but he and several others took longer on their live pits stops, with Hirschman beating him and several others off pit road.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)Lining up behind Matt Galko, who led after staying out, Chris Pasteryak and Todd Annarummo, Hirschman used multiple restarts to pick them all off one by one before taking the lead for good on lap 78. Eventually, after a string of cautions, the race went for one final green flag run with Hirschman outrunning Rowan Pennink to the checkers.


In victory lane, “Big Money Matt” was not short on praise for the entire No. 60 team.


“I owe a big part of this to my guys.  I had a better car at Lap 100 than I had at Lap 1, and that really shouldn’t be that way,” Hirschman said.  “We were no good at the beginning of this race; we came in and not only did we do our tire change, we made adjustments.  There were four of five people that had jobs and everybody executed perfectly and dialed it back in better for me at the end. We would not have sniffed the top five if we didn’t come in for the tires and changes, we would’ve been one of the guys getting lapped, that’s how bad we were at the start of this race.”


Not only did Hirschman’s crew get him in front of a lot of drivers, but drivers with potentially winning cars.


“The caution came at the right time.  We needed it, they hit it all right, and gave me so many spots. We had to pass two or three guys there, one of them didn’t have the fresh tires. My guys put me ahead of all the other guys that could’ve won this race tonight.”


The win extends Hirschman’s summer winning streak to seven with the previous being four wins on the RoC circuit, one at Evergreen Raceway (PA) and the previous Tri-Track Open Modified Series event at Seekonk Speedway (MA).


“It’s incredible the streak we’re on,” Hirschman stated.  “I’m almost speechless because I don’t care how good of a car you have, how well prepared you are; races are not easy to win. By circumstance, sometimes the best car doesn’t win races, but to win this many in a row is incredible. We raced last week and I worked on this car every single night, late hours to finish this car for this week, and that was coming off a win last week. It does take a heck of a lot of effort. I know what it takes, and right now we’re on our absolute A-plus best game that we’ve been on, and I’m trying to stay there.”


While Hirschman sees no reason he can’t keep the streak going, he is more than thankful that he and the team have made it this far.


“We’ll keep taking it one week at a time, I’m not really too concerned about what this win streak finishes at, it’s been an incredible ride.”


Behind Hirschman and Pennink were Josh Cantara, Anthony Nocella, and Woody Pitkat who rounded out the top five.


Next race up for the Tri-Track Series is back at Star Speedway on Wednesday, August 23.


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-By: Connor Sullivan, CT, MA & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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SBM 125 Unofficial Results

Star Speedway (NH) – July 29, 2017

1 60 Matt Hirschman
2 25 Rowan Pennink
3 71 Josh   Cantara
4 92 Anthony Nocella
5 52 Woody   Pitkat
6 9 Tommy Barrett, Jr.
7 13 Steve   Masse
8 25x Brian Robie
9 48 Johnny   Kay
10 16 Max Zachem
11 06 Les   Hinckley
12 48 Johnny Kay
13 15ct Chris   Pasteryak
14 70 Andy Seuss
15 50 Carl   Medeiros, Jr.
16 51 Dillon Steuer
17 28 Dwight   Jarvis
18 55 Joe Doucette
19 93 George   Sherman
20 12 Todd Annarummo
21 76 Geoff   Gernhardt
22 27 Matt Galko
23 8 Earl   Paules
24 99 Richard Savary
25 73 Andy   Jankowiak
26 7ma Kurt Vigeant
27 0 Mike   Holdridge


Perfect Pit Stop Propels Hirschman to Seventh Straight Win