Pennsylvania Driver Has a Perfect Night at TRD Showdown

Brian Carber has won a lot of races during his career, and on Wednesday night he scored one of the biggest of them all. Carber of Pipersville, Pennsylvania enjoyed a perfect night and fended off a late challenge to win the inaugural TRD Micro Showdown for Winged Micro Sprints at Millbridge Speedway.


“It’s right up there. It’s there. I’m pretty excited,” Garber said of the win. “Everyone is here. All my buddies are here, my brother, my family, that’s what makes it so special for us.


“I guess I can afford to live here for the rest of the week. I’m just happy to be out here. We got a package here. Hopefully we can get to Tulsa and get something going here.”


Carber earned a perfect score in qualifying, started from the pole and led all 30 laps to win the first-of-its-kind race at the Salisbury, North Carolina dirt oval. Although he led flag-to-flag, he didn’t go unchallenged. In the closing laps, Brenden Bright closed in on Carber through lapped traffic before ultimately settling for second at the checkered flag.


“I had to keep looking up at the scoreboard to kind of really realize where I was at, what kind of moves to make and how much to press,” Carber stated. “With these lapped cars, you’ve got to be within a car-length and a half to be able to throw it down there and actually stick it. It all depends who you’re racing with and we had classy guys behind us. We all race hard back in Pennsylvania. We run our balls off, so it’s good out here. I’m just glad to be here.”


Brenden Bright, who nicked the backstretch wall and gave up second to his brother Alex Bright on the final lap, was left frustrated with the slower traffic that hindered his late-race charge.


“I don’t know what they were doing trying to race everyone, but it’s the way it happens,” Bright said. “We were fast. Congrats to Brian, he was fast all night. He runs good everywhere he goes and this is awesome for him. I just wish we could have pulled it off for our team owner Bob Hummer. He gave me an awesome car to come down here with. We tried to make the best of it, but it just didn’t go the way we wanted it to.”


After celebrating his $5,000 victory, Carber offered up a handful of positive comments about his first trip to Millbridge Speedway.


“This place is wild running the fence like that,” he said. “That’s nothing you ever say you want to do for the whole night, it makes you a little nervous. In the end, I guess these Hoosier tires and Keyser wheels can bounce off the wall and get to the front.”


With the inaugural TRD Micro Showdown in the books, Carber is already looking forward to next year’s version of the event.


“It’s nice. They walk around the pits, ask you what we need to do better,” Carber said of race promoters Ashly and Jeremy Burnett. “They want to promote and they want to be better. Next year is just going to be bigger and badder.”


Race fans who missed the TRD Micro Showdown can watch an on-demand replay of the broadcast now on Speed51 by clicking here.


TRD Micro Showdown Unofficial Results

1 41c Brian Carber
2 20B Alex Bright
3 R7 Brenden Bright
4 28q Austin Quick
5 42 Emerson Axxsom
6 2 Jaxon Bishop
7 5T Ryan Timms
8 97 Scotty Milan
9 5P Daison Pursley
10 20 James Morris
11 23j Matt Jones
12 27 Coby Adams
13 3H Robby Hoffmann
14 7s Skylar Hunter
15 33N Ty Nevins
16 30 John Crowder
17 93 Matt Carr
18 3 Joe B Miller
19 42n Tim Nye
20 28 Carson Kvapil


-Story by: Brandon Paul, Speed51 Content Manager
-Photo credit: Speed51 / Kyler Hope

Pennsylvania Driver Has a Perfect Night at TRD Showdown