(Columbus, OH)… In a split second reminiscent of Cole Trickle’s drive through a smoke-filled accident scene in the movie Days Of Thunder, Chad Pendleton found himself wishing he had crew chief Harry Hogge as a spotter Saturday night at Columbus Motor speedway. The defending champion, however, did not have the benefit of someone in-his-ear urging him to “drive through the smoke Chad”. Instead, Pendleton used his seat of the pants intuition to steer clear of a grinding multi car accident on the backstretch that eliminated top contenders Cody Robinson and Kyle Jones and went on to secure his second NASCAR Whelen All American Series late model feature.


Donnie Hill claimed the top spot from the outset of the 35 lap contest but on just a second lap contact with Kyle Jones sent his car sideways exiting turn two. Jones checked up to allow Hill to save the car but Robinson and the trailing Austin Troyer were caught up in the fracas. When the smoke cleared, Robinson’s car was on top of Jones’ vehicle and both were pinned against the concrete retaining wall. The drivers emerged unscathed as did Austin Troyer. Hill was forced pit-side to the aid of the Dennis Racing crew emerging before the green flag flew once again. The eventual winner led on the restart pulling away from the rest of the field before eventually being forced to stave off a serious challenge by Ryan Flemming in the end. Pendleton proved to be up to the task carrying a half car length advantage over Fleming to the checkered flag followed by Kyle Purvis. Hill, whose drive through “the big one” and from the tail after his pit visit was as spectacular as Pendleton’s was fourth ahead of Bill Browning.


Shane Shirk notched his second feature win of 2015 in a convincing Columbus modified triumph.  Starting seventh, the Springfield, OH native maneuvered his way toward the front and swept past Purvis late in the going to allocate the victory. Purvis was second at the stripe ahead of Terry Humphrey, Kevin Doran and Shawn Gray.


Ralph Vinson held off a determined George Lindsay to lay claim to the 25 lap sport stock main event. Steve Karnes was third in the final analysis followed by Phil Gussler Jr and Jason Parsons.


Ryan Smith was a first time winner and crazy compact competition. Smith held off teammate Ryan Tamburro to win the 20 lap finale followed by Devin Stansbury, Lonnie Brown and Corey Kyer.





Late Model


Fast Time:  Cody Robinson, 14.268

Dash: 1) Chad Pendleton 2) Kyle Jones 3) Cody Robinson 4) Donnie Hill

Heat:  1) Erika Newcome 2) Bill Cantley 3) Howard Muncy 4) Bob Grubaugh 5) Andy Shutts

Heat:  1) Josh Cahill 2) Bill Browning 3) Ryan Fleming 4) Kyle Purvis 5) Daryl McKay


Feature:  1) Chad Pendleton 2) Ryan Fleming 3) Kyle Purvis 4) Donnie Hill 5) Bill Browning

6) Josh Cahill 7) Bob Grubaugh 8) Howard Muncy 9) Bill Cantley 10) Daryl McKay

11) Erika Newcome 12) Jim Hursey 13) Andy Shutts 14) Ethan Mullet 15) Kyle Jones

16) Cody Robinson 17) Austin Troyer



Columbus Modifieds


Fast Time: Kyle Purvis, 14.493



Dash: 1) Terry Humphrey 2) Kevin Doran 3) Kyle Purvis 4) Shawn Gray

Heat:  1) Josh Kempf 2) Tom Bruck 3) Ray Frutchey 4) Andy Shutts 5) Marc Life

Heat: 1) Ethan Mullet 2) Edie Vallette 3) Shane Shirk 4) Jeremy Menninger 5) Matthew Parsons


Feature:  1) Shame Shirk 2) Kyle Purvis 3) Terry Humphrey 4) Kevin Doran 5) Shawn Gray

6) Ethan Mullet 7) Buddy Townsend 8) Josh Kempf 9) Andy Shutts

10) Jeremy Menninger 11) John Donovan 12) Brian Whetnall 13) Matthew Parsons

14) Tom Bruck 15) Eddie Vallette 16) Ray Frutchey 17) Marc Life



Sport Stock


Fast Time: George Lindsay, 15.910

Dash:  1) Chris Meier 2) Ralph Vinson 3) Bruce Holmes 4) George Lindsay

Heat: 1) Steve Karnes 2) Phil Gussler Jr 3) Robert Jewell 4) Jeremiah English 5) Kenny Simpson






Feature:  1) Ralph Vinson 2) George Lindsay 3) Steve Karnes 4) Phil Gussler Jr 5) Jason Parsons

6) Robert Jewell 7) Kenny Simpson 8) Chris Meier 9) Bruce Snider 10) Bruce Holmes

11) Jeremiah English 12) James Harding 13) Kelsey McCartney


Crazy Compact


Fast Time:  Ryan Tamburro, 17.176


Feature:  1) Ryan Smith 2) Ryan Tamburro 3) Devin Stansbury 4) Lonnie Brown

5) Corey Kyer 6) Bill Ramey 7) Danielle Brown 8) Chris Carter 9) Jim McElfresh

10) Bill McElfresh 11) Shawn Vansickle 12) Richie Jones 13) Andru Troyer

14) Duane Davidson 15) David Shull 16) Makenna Hemming 17) Michael Robison

18) Dusty Harding 19) Robb Gibson 20) Herman Dague 21) Trey Gregory

22) Gwen Walsh


-Jeff Nuckles Press Release.  Photo Credit: Columbus Speedway

Pendleton Avoids Big Wreck To Win At Columbus