Penalties Issued to Engine Builder After S.E.A.L. Inspections

As a result of findings at recent engine dyno tests, Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L.) announced Sunday, penalties levied to Upchurch Performance for improprieties in one of their SSPE Engines.


Additionally, Upchurch Performance has been placed on indefinite probation moving forward. This probation applies to all engines supplied for both Super Late Model racing and Pro Late Model crate engine racing. Current customers of Upchurch Performance are strongly encouraged to check with their engine builder to verify engine specifications are within guidelines.


The change in status for Upchurch Performance comes as a result of inspections on their SSPE engine. The inspections revealed infractions where the builder significantly deviated from the guidelines established for engine builders.


The other engine at the test was a McGunegill Engine Performance (MEP) SSPE engine, which was found to be within the guidelines.


S.E.A.L. is an organization founded in 2008 with racing officials from the north and the south to oversee the sealed engines used in Super Late Model and Pro Late Model racing, which has led to consistency and substantial cost savings for the racers.


-Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders Press Release

Penalties Issued to Engine Builder After S.E.A.L. Inspections