Preston Peltier’s Saturday at Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway (TN) appeared to be a disaster in the making, but thanks to an eagle-eyed crew member he was able to win the pole for Sunday’s 32nd Annual All American 400.


When Peltier’s turn came to qualify for Sunday’s 32nd Annual All American 400, his No. 48 Super Late Model refused to start, even with assistance from a wrecker.  After taking his car into the pit area, the North Carolina driver had another attempt to qualify a few cars later and he took full advantage of the opportunity by storming to the top of the time charts, beating out Casey Roderick by .002 seconds for the pole position.


300x250-2016-all-american-400“We were working on the gauges down there before qualifying, they must have hit a connector, pulled something apart in the wiring,” Peltier told powered by JEGS.  “I thought the battery was dead, but they got up in there and it happened to be a connector and they connected it and it fired up.”.


The day was a representation of how Peltier’s luck has turned around in the latter part of the season.


“Our luck’s been on an upswing. I’ve been running the Newton car on the CARS Tour and we’ve had some really good runs. We always run good in the 48 out of Colorado, I got to thank them.  The Vecchiarelli’s put me in this thing and it’s fast everywhere we go. We’ve just had some bad luck, it’s coming back. To be honest when that happened it didn’t surprise me, I was like, let’s fix it and get on with it. The car is just flawless.”


That could be trouble for his fellow competitors, especially since the car was set up for 400 laps of racing rather than two hot laps.


“We didn’t really work on qualifying a whole lot today. We focused on just getting the car to drive good. 400 laps around here with an ill-handling car is a recipe for disaster. We made it drive good and the better it drives the faster it goes. I think our chances are good.”


Casey Roderick will line up alongside on the front row. Despite the strong qualifying run, missing the pole by so little was just enough to get under his skin.


‘It gives us good momentum going in to the 400 tomorrow. I’m proud to be on the front row, but two-thousandths of a second can make you sick. It’d be different if he beat us by a tenth, man two-thousandths we almost had an All American 400 pole.”


Like Peltier, Roderick also has plenty of confidence heading into Sunday after recently winning a big Pro Late Model race at Montgomery Motor Speedway (FL) and the 2016 Blizzard Series championship at Five Flags Speedway (FL).


“I’m really proud, the car’s handling good, and I think we’ll be alright for the race, it should stay underneath me,” Roderick said of his car.  “We’ll see how it goes.”


Race fans who can’t make it to the Fairgrounds, can watch the 32nd All American 400 via a live pay-per-view broadcast on


On-demand Trackside Now coverage from Saturday can be found by clicking here.


-By Connor Sullivan, State Editor (CT, MA, Long Island) – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Nuttleman


All American 400 Qualifying Results

1 48 Preston Peltier 18.514
2 7C Casey Roderick 18.516
3 26P Bubba   Pollard 18.592
4 9C Jeff Choquette 18.634
5 55 Dalton   Sargeant 18.656
6 98H Quin Houff 18.661
7 26A Willie   Allen 18.686
8 112 Auggie Grill 18.730
9 51G Todd Gilliland 18.754
10 71V Johnny VanDoorn 18.765
11 21 Blaine Rocha 18.778
12 66 Steven Wallace 18.787
13 15 Christian Eckes 18.812
14 43T Derek Thorn 18.827
15 51N Stephen Nasse 18.837
16 26M Christian McGhee 18.840
17 26C Chandler   Smith 18.850
18 11 Bobby Kendall 18.859
19 98A Justin   Ashburn 18.862
20 29 Spencer Davis 18.869
21 H2 Bret   Holmes 18.880
22 58 Tyle Ankrum 18.898
23 47 Allen Karnes 18.905
24 91 Ty Majeski 18.926
25 2W Donnie   Wilson 18.935
26 57 Cole Timm 18.953
26 20 Cole Rouse 18.953
28 43S Dennis Schoenfeld 19.010
29 99 Raphael   Lessard 19.012
30 5F Korbin Forrister 19.137
31 71B Johnny   Brazier 19.179
32 121 Joesph Meyer 19.198
33 42 Dennis   Prunty 19.219
34 9K Derek Kraus 19.223
35 7D John   DeAnglis 19.290
36 16 Austin Brawley N/A

Peltier Avoids Disastrous Saturday, Claims All American 400 Pole