Todd Patnode swept a twinbill Saturday, June 7, at Monadnock Speedway; twice roaring from a row-five starting position to top both ends of a Sportsman Modified twinbill at the high-banked speedplant.

And while Patnode, a former Monadnock champion and winner of scores of feature events on the fast quarter-mile, was celebrating his first two career Sportsman Modified victories; nobody was happier Saturday than Cameron Sontag, the recent Young Guns alumnus who made easy work of blasting to his career-first Mini Stock triumph going in the books as the youngest 14 year old to win a NASCAR division.

Other winners on the night included Tom Carey III, who posted his fourth consecutive Super Stock feature win; Lightning Stock ace Kyle Boniface, who notched his third victory of the summer; and Young Gun Cole Littlewood, who earned his first victory lap of the young season.

Scott Foster scored his first-ever Monadnock win in the visiting Champ Karts series feature; and Alan Zemla and Scott Poirier were victorious in STAR vintage racer events, Zemla topping the STAR Sportsman feature, and Poirier winning the Modified go-round.

Joey Kendall paced the sizzling Sportsman Modified field for the first 18 laps of their show-opening feature event. Adam Norton – from row five – then took over, bringing Patnode with him as Kendall dropped to third. The lead pair quickly pulled away from the field, with Patnode glued to Norton’s bumper until diving low through turn three to seize the lead on lap 23. Norton would then ride in Patnode’s shadow the rest of the way, until taking the checkers in second, a carlength back.  With Patnode making his first stop of the night in the winner’s circle, and Norton a strong second, Kendall came home a solid third. Bill Kimball and Steve Fifield rounded out the top five.

When the powerful field of 18 open-wheeled missiles returned to the track almost three hours later to close out the night’s racing with their second main event, Patnode and Norton again fired from row five.  Polesitter Trevor Bleau set the pace the first four laps of the event, then giving way to Brian Chapin, who had charged quickly to the front from row three. Norton and Patnode, too, were both on the charge, with Norton immediately pulling up on Chapin’s back bumper. Patnode had the lead, and his eyes set on his second win of the night, by the midway point, but Chapin was still glued to his bumper. Chapin’s bid for victory would go for naught on lap 23 when he spun when tapped from behind, with both he and Norton then refiring from the rear of the pack. On a mission, Patnode resumed his lead back under green, with Keith Carzello now his closest pursuer. Scott MacMichael, steadily charging through the field, would reel Carzello in on lap 26, grabbing the deuce spot to follow Patnode under the checkers. Brett Gonyaw, smooth and strong all night, earned the three-spot, with Norton and Bill Kimball rounding out the top five.

In the Mini Stock feature, Kevin McKnight and Eric Pomasko battled for the point for four laps, with Pomasko then able to inch ahead. Not far back, though, rookie Cameron Sontag was on a rail.  Sontag inched past Pomasko to take the lead on lap seven and, once in front, quickly was able to open space between himself and the rest of the field. Former division champ Chris McTaggart got up for second on lap 19, but on this night had nothing for the high-flying rookie.  With Sontag earning his first win with a 20-length cushion, McTaggart came home second, Pomasko was strong in third, three-time winner Mike Stebbins recovered from an early-race spin to finish fourth, and Justin Faford was fifth.

James Thompson and Tyler Lescord went wheel-to-wheel for the first five laps of the Super Stock main, with Lescord then taking control, and Bill Johnston powering into second. Johnston took the top spot on lap 15, with Tom Carey III moving up to second three laps later and then quickly reeling Johnston in. The two ran nose-to-tail the next four trips around the high banks, with Johnston then nudged from behind, quickly checked up and made a speedy recovery, only to find himself in second. Carey ran out the race from the point, scoring his fourth win in as many weeks. Johnston completed his strong night’s work in second; Lescord was solid in third, with Dave Striebel and Robert Hagar rounding out the top five.

CJ Johnson was the early leader in the Lightning Stock feature, giving way on lap three to Chris Davis. Kyle Boniface would soar into the lead on lap five, with Tim O’Shea grabbing second a lap later. Boniface and O’Shea quickly pulled away from the field, running under a blanket until the checkers waved over Boniface’s third win of the summer. Toby Wells was strong in third, with Davis and Tim Paquette completing the top five. In a post race inspection, Wells was disqualified for a rules infraction giving third place to Chris Davis.

Dylan Morse led the first two laps of the Young Guns feature, then giving way to Cole Littlewood. Once in front, Littlewood never looked back en route to his first win of the season. Morse was strong all night to come home second; Mike McGoldrick Jr. was third, Matt Kimball fourth, and Solomon Brow fifth.

Scott Foster topped the Champ Kart event. Nick Hadden was second, and James Montpelier third.

This Saturday, June 14, Monadnock Speedway’s 2014 Triple Crown Series kicks off. The Sportsman Modifieds, Pro-4 Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Young Guns, Lightning Stocks and Thunder Stocks will all be in action. Post time is 6 pm.

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Sportsman Modifieds Feature #1: Todd Patnode, Adam Norton, Joe Kendall, Bill Kimball, Steve Fifield, Brian Chapin, Trevor Bleau, Kim Rivet, Eric Leclair, Greg Williams, Keith Carzello, Matt Rzewnicki, JT Cloutier, Brad Zahensky, Tyler Jarvenpaa, Scott MacMichael, Leslie Keyser

Sportsman Modifieds #2: Todd Patnode, Scott MacMichael, Brett Gonyaw, Adam Norton, Bill Kimball, Keith Carzello, Steve Fifield, Brian Chapin, Joe Kendall, Eric Leclair, JT Cloutier, Greg Williams, Matt Rzewnicki, Kim Rivet, Trevor Bleau, Tyler Jarvenpaa, Brad Zahensky, Leslie Keyser

Super Stocks Feature: Tom Carey III, Bill Johnston, Tyler Lescord, Dave Striebel, Robert Hagar, Alyssa Rivera, James Thompson, Tyler Leary, Ian MacDonald, Nancy Muni, Jeff Morse
Mini Stock Feature: Cameron Sontag, Chris McTaggart, Eric Pomasko, Mike Stebbins, Justin Faford, Julia Raymond, Kevin McKnight, Joel Monahan, Beth Adams, Joe Collins, Ethan Marsh, Joe Rogers, DJ Lazelle

Lightning Stocks Feature: Kyle Boniface, Tim O’Shea, Chris Davis, Tim Paquette, Hillary Renaud, Eric Silvernale, Chris Laflam, Kyle Robinson-Newell, CJ Johnson, Matt Somerville, Richard Whipple, Dick Houle

Young Gun Feature: Cole Littlewood, Dylan Morse, Mike McGoldrick, Matt Kimball, Solomon Brow, Corey Wheeler, Dan Starkweather, Alicia Springer, Colton Smith, Michelle Leh, Alexis Aiken

Patnode Sweeps Sportsman Mod Features at Monadnock