Pair of Big Races on Dirt and Pavement Ahead for Kvapil

Carson Kvapil has a busy week ahead of him, with a pair of marquee events on his racing calendar.  The son of former NASCAR Cup Series competitor Travis Kvapil will compete in the All American 400 and the TRD Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Rowdy Energy in the coming week.


Kvapil will climb in a Super Late Model this weekend at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway to compete in that historic race before coming back to Millbridge Speedway on November 2-4 for the KKM Giveback Classic.


With a seat in a Keith Kunz Motorsports Midget at next year’s Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals on the line, Kvapil has been preparing all season at Millbridge Speedway.  Driving for Factor 1 East throughout the 2020 season, Kvapil has turned plenty of laps in a Micro Sprint at the Salisbury, North Carolina facility this year.


“With the Micro Sprint, we’ve been working with the Micro Sprint at Factor 1 to find a setup that works well with both the top and the bottom.,” said Kvapil.  “I think we’re pretty prepared.”


Before he can go for the win in the KKM Giveback Classic, however, Kvapil will gun for a signature guitar trophy at the 36th All American 400 in Nashville.  It will be quite an adjustment going from the 1/6-mile dirt bullring to the high-banked 5/8-mile Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.


“It’s going to be hard, because you go from one discipline to another.  On the asphalt, you drive it in straight, don’t get it loose, try to save the rear tires.  With the Micro Sprint, you’re dead sideways and use the wall to turn.”


The two different races also require two different mindsets, with tire conservation a much larger factor in a 300-lap Super Late Model showdown than the 67-lap feature race planned for the KKM Giveback Classic or the 30-lap Micro Sprint features throughout the season.


“It’s probably the tire conservation.  It’s really hard, especially with the Super.  You’ve got 600 horsepower and you’re trying to hook it up without spinning the tires.”


Kvapil expects plenty of stiff competition at both races, but the field will be especially large at the KKM Giveback Classic.  With so much on the line, a massive number of entrants are expected for the event.


“I think there are supposed to be around 80 or so cars.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see more than 80 for that race.  There will be a lot of good guys coming from out of town.  It would be very cool to get that Chili Bowl ride.”


The racing at Millbridge throughout the season has not disappointed, with a successful first season for the Micro Sprints at the track.  Kvapil has been a part of his fair share of exciting on-track battles, including a photo finish with Gavan Boschele.


Kvapil admits that racing has prevented him from fully appreciating the on-track excitement, but knows how intense it can be inside the car when it’s all unfolding.


“I’m always in the car, so I really don’t see it, but I’ve heard it’s completely different watching it.  It’s pretty wicked.  You’ve got guys rolling the bottom, you’ve on the fence, you’ve got guys throwing sliders, it’s three-wide.  It can get pretty wicked.”


Race fans can watch both the All American 400 and the TRD Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic live on Speed51.TV.  Click here to order your video tickets for those events.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Pair of Big Races on Dirt and Pavement Ahead for Kvapil