Packman Tackling New Role in Dirt Late Model Racing

Last week, FASTRAK Companies International, LLC. named Tim Packman as the company’s new General Manager.  On Monday, Packman joined Speed51’s “The Bullring” to discuss his new role.


Packman brings more than 25 years of experience within the racing industry to FASTRAK Companies International, LLC., the parent company for the FASTRAK Racing Series and the ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series.  That experience includes everything from working in the highest levels of NASCAR with both teams and media, as well as short track promotion at Lancaster (NY) National Speedway.


Packman hopes to take those experiences and apply them in his new role, while learning more about how FASTRAK and ULTIMATE have operated since 2004.


“You say that you’re the sum total of all of your experiences,” Packman said.  “You take your 20 years in racing, your involvement in NASCAR, short tracks.  When I got there, I said I was familiar with all these things, it’s just a matter of learning the FASTRAK and ULTIMATE way of doing things.”


After being involved in races with the ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series the last two weekends at Cherokee Speedway (SC) and Lancaster Motor Speedway (SC), Packman has been duly impressed with the FASTRAK company.


“So far, I’ve been very impressed with everything, how they register, how they take the tire tests after qualifying and the race.  I’m very impressed with the whole thing.  Stan Lester has been here 17 years, so I have a lot to learn.”


Packman was also treated to a thrilling race at Lancaster, as Zack Mitchell and Michael Brown battled for the win.  Mitchell took the victory in a photo-finish by 0.010 seconds over Brown.


“The race I saw at Lancaster, swapping the lead back and forth five times and to have a finish of 0.010 between first and second, the crowd was going crazy.  You become a fan.  You’re working, but those last few laps, everyone in the booth was on their toes.


“The racing I’ve seen has been just fantastic.  The first time I went to Cherokee, I sat in turn one.  They laid over to go through one and two, and it was just unbelievable, the power.”


Packman believes his past experience as a promoter at Lancaster (NY) will be very beneficial with his work at FASTRAK, as he will be able to communicate with other track promoters with a strong understanding of the challenges they face or the goals they hope to achieve.


“In my new role, I can talk to a track promoter and understand what he or she is trying to accomplish.  In this role, I can say, look, I’ve been in your shoes.  I think that will help us step in and say, here is what we bring and how it helps you as a track operator.”


He also knows the FASTRAK brand is a strong one, thanks to its nearly two decades of experience and its dedicated staff.


“One of the biggest things is we’ve been around for 17 years.  Stan Lester pretty much started the Crate Late Model racing.  We have our own officials, we show up, we handle everything, you just need the track staff.


“This is our full-time job. If you call FASTRAK or ULTIMATE, you get in touch with someone on our staff.  This is all we do.  This is our job.  That’s a huge selling point right now.”


Fans who missed Packman’s interview can click here to watch an on-demand replay of Monday’s episode of “The Bullring.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Packman Tackling New Role in Dirt Late Model Racing