Oxford Points Battle Features Pair of Heavyweights

The start of the Super Late Model season at Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine has been about as close to many predictions as you can get. It is Curtis Gerry and Dave Farrington Jr. neck and neck for the early points lead. Gerry, the 2019 track champion has two Oxford Championship Series wins so far, while 2020 champ Farrington has one OCS win, plus a 150-lap Pro All Stars Series victory as well.


Heading into the fifth OCS race of the year this Saturday night, Farrington is feeling good despite some recent setup experimentations not playing out as hoped.

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“Certainly a good start to the year with the two wins, a runner-up Opening Night to Nick Sweet. Then we sort of tried a few things and went from one extreme to the other, then had a couple of ‘not-so-great’ finishes by our standards, I guess. Then we came back with a second place finish this past weekend to Dennis Spencer, we’re finding our stride here at Oxford,” Farrington told Speed51.


Not surprisingly, Curtis Gerry voiced a similar emotion to the start of 2021 from his perspective.


“We’ve had a pretty good season so far, can’t complain. The car is good, fast every week, been good in practice. We’ve had a couple of wins; we got a clutch issue that we’d been having fixed, the clutch kept slipping in the PASS race, but still managed to finish fourth. We’re excited, got another PASS race coming up next weekend,” Replied Gerry.


When it comes to the points race, Farrington believes that now is not the time to get bogged down with tracking the points totals, choosing to focus on race wins.


“Curtis Gerry and I have been points racing together for many years, and we both know what it’s going to take. It’s way too early to talk points for us, I know announcers like to promote it up to make it interesting. We just got to keep pace with him and they’ll keep pace with us, and we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.”


Gerry’s goals are much the same, but admits there is the pressure already to keep ahead of Farrington given the intensity of competition already.


“There is for sure. We’re both neck and neck right now, and it’s usually who gets up front first. It’s been fun though, good competition, and close in points again. He was leading two weeks ago, now I’m ahead by 8. It’s going to be a long year with both of us going back and forth.”


Farrington went on to point out that the biggest challenge facing both of them is being able to get to the front in just 50 laps, while being barred from starting within the Top 10 on the initial grid because of each’s early season success.


“It gets tough when you do the weekly points deal at Oxford, once you win a race you can’t start any higher than 11th or 12th, just like a PASS race. It makes it tough every week, Curtis and I try to get to the front best we can each given race, and it almost seems like who gets in front of the other one ends up better in the long run. It’s a battle every year, last year we won late in August and clicked two more off, you just need everything to fall your way when you start in the back.”


Tough as it may be on both teams, Gerry knows it’ll be quite the show to watch each given race, especially with the rest of the field beginning to show their winning edge, as evidenced by Dennis Spencer Jr’s win of one week ago.


You’ll definitely want to stay tuned, the racing has been great. You got plenty of other guys that will show themselves before the year’s up. – Curtis Gerry


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-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Connor Sullivan / Speed51

Oxford Points Battle Features Pair of Heavyweights