After years of coming up empty racing with different Late Model touring series throughout New England, Turner, Maine’s Glen Luce thought that he may have forgotten how to win races.  That was until the biggest race in the region this past August at his home track of Oxford Plains Speedway.  The 48-year-old turned in the performance of his lifetime to win the 42nd Annual Oxford 250, but also more importantly get back the confidence that he needed behind the wheel.


“We struggled with this new car and it had been so long since I had won a race,” Luce told powered by JEGS.  “You almost feel as though you forgot how to win.  A few times the year before we were in contention to win and I totally blew it on my own.  That being said, you learn how to win again and it’s quite a feat to win, and I think that momentum will help us.”


graphic 51 tv speedfest 2016For the 2015 season, Luce purchased a Super Late Model from Kyle Busch Motorsports, a team in which his crew chief Seth Holbrook works with often.  During the early stages of the season they struggled to get the car where it needed to be, but that didn’t matter when they were able to get the car right where it needed to be for the Oxford 250.


Following the 250, Luce hauled north of the border to Autodrome Chaudiere (QC) for a 150-lap Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North event.  With momentum on his side, Luce and the No. 7 team put a whooping on the competition en route to winning his second straight race.


Now looking forward to the 2016 season, Luce is hoping to continue to build off of the momentum and become a legitimate contender for a PASS North championship.


“Seth and all of us on the team have never won a championship, so that’s the ultimate goal,” Luce explained.  “We think we figured it out and we can roll with that momentum.  There’s a lot of luck involved, but we just want to have fun and compete.  But yeah, we’d like to shoot for a (PASS) North championship.”


Although he now knows how to win a race on the PASS North circuit, Luce knows the task of winning an overall championship will not be easy.  When chasing a championship, every race is a big race and consistency is the key to being successful.  With that being said, Luce believes his team is now prepared for the challenge.


“You just have to be consistent,” he said.  “If the car is running as well as it did in the last three races of 2015 then I believe the finishes will be there.  You’re going to have attrition, but you can’t do anything about that.  You just have to work hard on it.  We have to cross our T’s and dot out I’s.”


At the age of 48 and with a crew that has been involved with his racing for over 20 years, Luce believes that his time racing full-time may be coming to an end.  Because of that, they are coming loaded for bear in an attempt at a PASS North championship in 2016.


“It might be our last full-time season as far as the touring,” Luce admitted.  “I have a couple guys that have other things they want to do.  They have been with me for 20 years and since I’ve been doing it.  Every driver says that every year that they’re cutting back.  We’ll see what we end up doing.”


Whatever he ends up doing, one thing is for certain: he won’t be able to go to bed at night without adoring the beautiful trophy he won in August 2015.


“The trophy is right in my bedroom.  I didn’t even want to put it in the living room, I didn’t trust the cat.”


-By Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo Credit: Norm Marx Photo

Oxford 250 Win Gives Luce Confidence to Chase PASS Title