Outlaw Late Model Great Racing for Pollard at Five Flags

Fans watching the Rowdy Energy Twin 100s this weekend will see two Bubba Pollard-prepared cars on-track at Five Flags Speedway.  Pollard will field a second car for Outlaw Super Late Model great and Senneker Performance head man Terry Senneker, Jr. during the Blizzard Series opening weekend, as Senneker pays tribute to the late David Rogers




Senneker has many customers making the trip to Five Flags for the Twin 100s, which include the likes of Bubba Pollard, Connor Okrzesik and Jack Dossey III.  Friday night’s race is also in honor of another former customer, the late David Rogers.


When Senneker found out about the #Forever11 100 paying tribute to the Florida legend, he knew he had to get behind the wheel.  After a quick chat with Pollard, it became a reality.


“It was actually initiated by me, I heard there was going to be a memorial race for David.  I worked with David for years and he became close to our hearts,” Senneker told Speed51.  “When I heard that there was going to be a memorial race, I knew Bubba was going to have some extra cars and I just came out and asked him and without hesitation he said absolutely, we can put something together.”


While it will be his first starts at the half-mile, Senneker isn’t a complete stranger to Five Flags.  He’s made the trip to Pensacola several times as part of Senneker Performance, helping out various drivers during the Snowball Derby and Blizzard Series races.


With his past experience helping other drivers at Five Flags, he believes his acclimation process will be streamlined.


“I’ve watched the racing line quite a bit from the outside, looking in.  I’ve been in the spotter’s stand, from on trailers, rode around the track on a golf cart, I’ve seen in-car videos.  I’ve got over 20 years of experience in Late Model racing, I think it’ll take a little time to get up to speed.


“Just taking all that in, being there and watching the racing lines, how the passes are set up, stuff like that.  Those are things that are going to go a long way getting me up to speed when I get there.”


“Skinny” is most known for his prowess behind the wheel of an Outlaw Super Late Model, where he owns five Kalamazoo Klash victories, a Glass City 200 win and track championships at Kalamazoo Speedway and Berlin Raceway.  His experience in a template body is limited compared to his Outlaw experience, but he has two second-place finishes and a third in ARCA/CRA Super Series competition.


He explained to Speed51 the differences between driving an Outlaw Super Late Model versus a template bodied Super Late Model.


“With the Outlaw car for the most part, you’ve got a lot of aero downforce so you can drive the cars more aggressively, you can throw them around a little bit more.  You can maybe compare it to a [NASCAR] Truck versus a Cup Car, the Outlaw cars have more sideforce, downforce, you can drive them more aggressively.


“In the Super Late Model, you’ve got to pay more attention to tire wear, being smooth, you’ve definitely got to be more conscious of tire conservation because you don’t have that air to lean on like an Outlaw car.”


This weekend also gives Senneker a chance to drive one of his Senneker Performance cars, allowing him to learn more about his chassis and make his product better both for his customers and away from the track.


“Hopefully I can bring something to the table for me and my customers.  Maybe I can bring a second opinion as far as something I feel in the car that perhaps they don’t,” he stated.  “I’m hopeful of that.  Making the actual changes during practice, what they do to the car, how to feel it, I feel like that’s always given me an advantage in the chassis building business.  We see a lot these days that drivers are building chassis but I feel like that’s really benefitted me over my whole career of building cars, is to be a driver myself.”


As he gets set for his first race since last August’s Battle at Berlin 251, Senneker is just looking to have fun as his time behind the wheel becomes fewer and far in-between.


“A win would be really big.  I’m not setting the expectations too high, my goal is to participate, finish in one piece and have a lot of fun.  There’s a handful of customers racing and I’m just really excited for the opportunity to participate.  A really great run or a win would be unprecedented because I don’t have any laps there, so I don’t expect it.”


The Rowdy Energy Twin 100’s will be broadcasted live this weekend on Speed51, presented by JEGS.  Click here to purchase your PPV tickets for both events.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo


Outlaw Late Model Great Racing for Pollard at Five Flags