Outlaw Kart Graduate Wins in Winged Micro Sprint Debut

Will Boprey has been a regular in Open Outlaw Karts at Millbridge Speedway, finishing fourth in the Wednesday point standings in 2020.  This year, Boprey made the jump to Micro Sprint racing, and he made a quick impression Wednesday night.




Boprey held off defending track champion Gavan Boschele in a furious battle to take the win in the first Winged Micro Sprint race of the 2021 Millbridge points season, scoring the victory in his Winged Micro Sprint debut.


Will Boprey won in his Winged Micro Sprint debut Wednesday night at Millbridge, holding off defending track champion Gavan Boschele for the victory.


“I didn’t think this was even going to happen,” said Boprey in victory lane.  “I didn’t expect to come out in my first winged race and win it.  My dad and everyone that helps set up a really good race car tonight.”


A glance at timing and scoring will say Boprey officially led all 30 laps of Wednesday’s Micro Sprint feature at the 1/6-mile bullring.  However, the victory was far from a leisurely drive.


Boprey battled with Boschele throughout the event, sometimes exchanging slide jobs twice in the same lap.


That’s just dirt racing for you.  I was having fun doing it.  Over there in three and four one time, he came pretty close.  I had to put both right sides on the wall to get around him, but it was fun.


Boprety believes his experience in the Outlaw Karts eased his transition into the Micro Sprint, particularly when running the fence at the Salisbury, North Carolina track.


“It’s a little bit easier in these things since you have power steering and suspension.  When you’re going over ruts in the Open, you’re just bouncing.  In this, you go over it super easy.”


Will Boprey is interviewed in victory lane following a win in his Winged Micro Sprint debut at Millbridge. (Speed51 Photo / Brandon Zumbach)


The Micro Sprints will be back in just one week’s time at Millbridge Speedway.  Cadets, Beginner Box Stocks, Box Stocks and Open Outlaws will race on Tuesday, March 30, while the Non-Wing Micro Sprints, JR Wings and Intermediate Outlaws will compete one night later on Wednesday, March 31.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo / Brandon Zumbach


Outlaw Kart Graduate Wins in Winged Micro Sprint Debut