COEBURN, Va. – Ryan Stiltner was finally able to claim his first win of the season Saturday night. Former NASCAR Nationwide Series Danny O’Quinn, Jr. was victorious in the second LMSC race of the night.

Ryan Stiltner qualified on pole for the first of twin 40-lap Wallace KIA LMSC division features.

Stiltner charged out front as the green flag waved to take the lead over Thomas Beane. By lap 11, Chad Finchum had worked his way into second-place and began to reel in on the bumper of Stiltner.

Third-place Danny O’Quinn, Jr. found himself battling with Finchum for second position as the race began to come to a close. With Finchum and O’Quinn battling for second, Stiltner would be able to pull away.

Stiltner would take the checkered flag to claim his first win of the season over Finchum and O’Quinn.

After an invert of six positions, Kevin Wolfe’s No. 17 was placed on point for the second LMSC feature.

As the green flag waved, Kres VanDyke jumped to the lead and Danny O’Quinn made the charge from fourth to second-place. Working the seventh lap, O’Quinn was able to get to VanDyke’s outside. The two leaders battled door to door until lap nine when O’Quinn took over the lead.

The race’s only caution would wave on lap 37 when Keith Stiltner, Chad Finchum and Terry Stone made contact in turn one, sending Stone into the inside wall. O’Quinn would elect the outside for the restart, placing Stiltner on the inside.

With the green flag in the air once again, O’Quinn would rocket from the outside line to take back over the lead. O’Quinn would drive on to take the checkered in his first start of the season.

O’Quinn also made one start last season at LPR, in which he also won.

“We knew we had a good car from last year,” said O’Quinn. “There were some good cars out there tonight. It was much more competitive than last year’s race!”

O’Quinn – who has made over 100 starts in the NASCAR Natiowide Series – doesn’t get to race as much as he would like since taking over the family business (O’Quinn Trailer Sales). “We don’t get to race much since I took over the business,” remarked O’Quinn. “I think I have only gotten to race four times in the last few years.”

O’Quinn plans to race at Kingsport (Tenn.) Speedway before the season is out, as well as return to LPR.

Kirby Gobble took the lead on the opening lap of the Street Stock feature. Not to be denied another win, Gobble led all 30 laps of the caution-free race to claim the victory. The win was Gobble’s sixth of the season.

Rocky Yates and Joshua Gobble started on the front row for 20 laps of Mod-4 racing.

Gobble cleared the No. 3 of Yates on the second circuit. Gobble held his lead until the yellow flag flew for a spin on lap 17.

On the restart, Yates worked the outside lane to pass Gobble and claimed the win. Gobble and Duty rounded out the top-three.

Mitch Gibson took the top spot to open up the 25-lap Pure-4 race over John Ketron. Ketron would battle back on the fourth circuit to regain the lead from Gibson.

Ketron would drive on to claim his fifth win of the season.

Rusty Clendenin, wasting no time getting out front, would grab the lead on the opening lap of the Rookie Pure-4 race. Clendenin would lead every lap and fend off hard-charging Craig Phelps for his fourth win of the season at LPR.

Brad Ball and Duke Bare started on the front row for the Pure Street and Iron Warriors combined race. Duke Bare powered around Ball on the outside to claim the win. Aaron Ratliff brought home the trophy in the Iron Warriors portion of the race.

August 16, 2014 Results:

Pos. |Car No. | Driver

LMSC (Race No.1):
1. 22 Ryan Stiltner
2. 19 Chad Finchum
3. 02 Danny O’Quinn, Jr.
4. 31 Thomas Beance
5. 15 Kres VanDyke
6. 17 Kevin Wolfe
7. 37 Adam Gray
8. 2 Keith Stiltner
9. 55 Mardy Roberts
10. 34 Terry Stone
11. 97 Brian Blevins
DNS. 75 Jenna Wagner

LMSC (Race No. 2):
1. 02 Danny O’Quinn, Jr.
2. 22 Ryan Stiltner
3. 15 Kres VanDyke
4. 31 Thomas Beane
5. 17 Kevin Wolfe
6. 19 Chad Finchum
7. 2 Keith Stiltner
8. 37 Adam Gray
9. 55 Mardy Roberts
10. 34 Terry Stone
11. 97 Brain Blevins
DNS. 75 Jenna Wagner

Street Stock:
1. 3 Kirby Gobble; 2. 22 Joey Sykes; 3. 74 Jared Broadbent; 4. 21 Rob Austin; 5. 11 Jamie Meadows; 6. 11 Jeff Counts; 7. 11 Sam Hurd; 8. 3 Greg Grindstaff; 9. 6 Chris Tunnell; 10. 5 Joe Evans

1. 3 Rocky Yates; 2. 88 Joshua Gobble; 3. 45 Billy Duty; 4. 22 Brian Hunt; 5. 7 Dennis Arnold; 6. 01 Ron Hensley; 7. 11 TJ O’Quinn; 8. 31 David Brown

1. 26 John Ketron; 2. 94 Mitch Gibson; 3. 28 Jason Ketron; 4. 16 Jackie Jackson; 5. 22 Jason Yates; 6. 17 Tracy Bailey; 7. 88 Dan Hall; 8. 14 Jonathan Feagins; 9. 27 Mark Meade

Rookie Pure-4:
1. 94 Rusty Clendenin; 2. 00 Craig Phelps; 3. 53 Mook Jeter; 4. 16 Michael Nelson; 5. 11 Jackson Austin; 6. 27 Chris Meade; 7. 5 BJ Large; 8. 01 Jack Clevenger

Pure Street:
1. 52 Duke Bare; 2. 13 Nasty Jones; 3. 17 Brad Ball; 4. 33 Iggy Greer; 5. 2 Jamie Meadows; 6. 9 Rusty Ratliff; 7. 14 Emma Stiltner

Iron Warriors:
1. 12 Aaron Ratliff; 2. 97 Elvis McCoy


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