In an age where technology and computers dominate and where the difficulty of bringing a new generation of drivers and mechanics is at a premium, two of the top minds in short track racing have come together with an innovative new approach to teaching and training the next generation of motorsports.


Bob Bolles, the former senior technical editor for Circle Track Magazine, and retired short track great Bubba Gale have come together to form what is the Online Racing School.


“Back in May we had a discussion and Bubba told me he always wanted to do a racing school, and I wanted to do that too, but I was thinking brick and mortar. He said he wanted to do an online racing school and I thought that made good sense,” Bolles told


300x250 Online Racing School - 2018“My company Chassis R&D is partnering with Gale Force, which is been in existence since 1996 creating software, books and things to help teams set up their cars. With Bubba’s knowledge, some of the things he’s been doing recently and what I’ve done in my past it made a lot of sense to create this school and try and get across the latest in technology in race car set-up.”


Bolles and Gale have worked to create a three-tier online program which will help give future drivers and mechanics the know-how they need.


“Right now we have Race Car Technology Levels one, two and three. Level one describes all the parts and pieces, what they’re used for, so they can become familiar with the race car.


“Level two is going to the car and working with us on parts and pieces. Basically doing all those things that racers do to their cars before heading to the racetrack.


“Level three is the real deal. It’s the setup, going through every part, what affects the setup, what affects the dynamics of the race car. We are actually going to set up a lot of different race cars within level three.”


The Online Racing School is also committed to keeping up with the latest in racing technology as it continues to develop.


“What we have available right now is cutting edge. Things are changing so fast. Just in the last year we have learned so much about the dynamics in the way to set up the car to get better speed out of it. And this will be updated as we go along, as we go along to the next year we will be updating our courses to the latest technology.”


Bolles is a firm believer that the programs will be critical in bringing in fresh blood into racing for years to come.


“It’s a big deal because we need more people in the sport. We’re trying to make it simple. We want to make it so they’re not afraid to go to the car and set it up or buy a race car and do it themselves. The easier we can make it for them the faster they will make the decision to get into racing.”


The injection of fresh talent and skill is also a driving force towards the new partnership between the Online Racing School and


“We are going to be going to SpeedFest, Speedweeks and some of the other places that Speed51 is going to be doing their coverage. I feel very strongly about Speed51. I’ve watched a lot of races. It has a wide audience and that’s what we’re looking for. The interest in our school is not just going to come from people in racing right now but probably a lot of people that want to learn about racing that were always curious about what went into a race car, how they set it up, how are the parts and pieces all the same. I think Speed51 is going to help us and the fans in the racers.”


For more information on The Online Racing School, be sure to check out their website at


-By: Connor Sullivan, CT, MA, RI & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

Online Racing School Hoping to Revolutionize Training for New Racers