Looking for more exposure through Speed51 TV’s live broadcast of the Snowball Derby?  Onboard camera opportunities are now available for businesses and race teams wanting additional exposure.  Pick-up an onboard camera package as a company to put your business in front of a worldwide audience, or as a race team for added exposure during the live online TV-style pay-per-view broadcast of the 48th Annual Snowball Derby.


Onboard cameras are available for all divisions that will be competing at Five Flags Speedway (FL) and will be placed in drivers’ cars anytime from Thursday through Sunday.  Footage will be used during the live Speed51 TV pay-per-view broadcasts each of those days and additional footage will be used on the Speed51 Network after the event and in other Snowball Derby-related videos.


“Onboard cameras give fans an exciting perspective of what the drivers see and endure throughout the course of a race,” said Speed51.com Executive Editor Bob Dillner.  “The onboard footage brings an added element to our pay-per-view broadcasts and gives a chance to take a peek behind the wheel of these cars.”


Added Speed51.com Director of Business Jana Wimmer, “The exciting onboard camera footage is a great way for sponsors and drivers to receive added exposure and gives a unique chance to capture fans attention through high speed and exclusive onboard video of their favorite drivers.”


Onboard camera sponsors will receive graphics on the live pay-per-view broadcast whenever that onboard camera is used and on any additional mediums where onboard camera footage is used.  Sponsors will also receive sponsor reads during the broadcast when video from that onboard camera is used.


If you are interested in an in-car camera sponsorship package for the Snowball Derby contact Director of Business, Jana Wimmer, at [email protected] or (612)-819-4564.


-Speed51.com Release

ICYMI: Onboard Cameras Available for Snowball Derby Broadcast