Number One Draws No. 1 in Snowball Derby Qualifying Draw

Competitors in the Snowball Derby and Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100 found out when they will qualify during the PFC Brakes Qualifying Drawdown Wednesday night at Five Flags Speedway.  Drivers in both divisions felt good about their chances of locking themselves in the Top-30 for Country Pleasin’ Sausage Pole Night while sharing a laugh.


Michael House was the first driver to go on-stage to draw for his qualifying spot for Friday night.  As fate would have it, the driver of the No.1 Super Late Model drew the No.1 snowball and will be the first driver to qualify Friday night.




“Maybe that’s telling me something that I’m pretty lucky,” House said.  “We’ll see, I think we have a pretty good car and I’m really looking forward to this deal this year.”


On the flip side, NASCAR Truck Series competitor Grant Enfinger drew the No.60 and will be the last car to qualify.  Making his first start in the Derby since 2016, the driver from nearby Fairhope, AL is feeling alright about where he currently stands.


“Oh, I don’t know.  Honestly, it’ll probably be fine,” said Enfinger.  “Who knows.”


Defending Snowball Derby winner Travis Braden went on stage seeking advice from Speed51 President Bob Dillner as to which snowball to take.


“I thought it was something you were going to tell me, Bob,” Braden said.


The Wheeling, WV driver would then choose No. 11.


“I’ll take it.  Somebody was telling me with the dampness coming in, there might be a chance of dew later.  Might as well get it over, right?”


After not making the trip south in 2019, Paul Shafer Jr returns to the Snowball Derby to cap off a year that saw him return to ARCA Midwest Tour victory lane.  He drew No.42, already having had an eventful week to date.


“It’s been a long week.  We blew a motor Monday trying to test, we only made three laps,” Shafer revealed.  “We put a new one in and it was turning just a little bit ago.  It sounds good to be, we’ll see what happens.  No. 42, I can’t complain.”


Ross Kenseth is also making a return to the Snowball Derby, having last competed in the crown jewel six years ago.  He appeared on the stage with his daughter to draw No. 35.


“It’s really cool to be back here, it’s the biggest race in short track racing.  To come here with a really good team, I’m really thankful for Jim Weber to let me drive his car.”


The 53rd Annual Snowball Derby brings several changes, one of which includes Bubba Pollard’s move to TK Racing and adopting No. 71.  It’s something he has to get used to as well.


“I was up here for No.26 earlier,” said Pollard.  “I missed out on a couple drinks.”


The Blizzard Series champion then drew No.53, making him one of the last drivers to make their qualifying attempt Friday night.


“As long as you have a good car, you’ll qualify good anyway.  We’ll see how it goes.”


The No. 13 is often seen as an unlucky number in racing.  The number was picked up by 2018 ARCA Midwest Tour champion Dalton Zehr to conclude Snowball Derby qualifying draw, who then joked about the superstition.


“You know, at least I’ll have an excuse I guess,” he laughed.  “I think we’ll be fine, 13’s a little earlier than I’d like to be but we’ll go turn the best lap we can.”


Not every driver was able to make an appearance during the Qualifying Drawdown.  Boris Jurkovic was one of those drivers, utilizing Rowdy Manufacturing’s Justin Oertel to draw for him.  However, Oertel was uneasy about letting the former Winchester and All American 400 winner know when he will qualify after picking No.4.


“He won’t like that,” joked Oertel.  I’m not calling him and telling him.”


Race fans unable to attend the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby can watch the event live on Speed51.TV.  Click here to order your Speed51.TV broadcast today.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3
-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo


Snowball Derby Qualifying Order: 


Pos.Car No.Name
11Michael House
226SChandler Smith
319Kason Plott
453Boris Jurkovic
588Perry Patino
65Casey Johnson
7112Augie Grill
814Connor Okrzesik
914Chris Davidson
109Derek Kraus
1114Travis Braden
1244Justin Johnson
13119Dalton Zehr
1439Kyle Sieg
1525Casey Roderick
1691Ty Majeski
1724Mason Diaz
1851Noah Gragson
1945Kodie Conner
2012GDerek Griffith
2144Bob Lyon
2251Stephen Nasse
2318Hunter Robbins
2414Carson Hocevar
254Kyle Plott
262Kaden Honeycutt
279Chase Elliott
2830Jesse Dutilly
294MKyle McCallum
308Colten Nelson
3114Austin Nason
3215Gabe Sommers
3351Kyle Busch
343Ross Kenseth
3551Michael Atwell
3654Matt Craig
3711Logan Boyett
3879Kyle Bryant
3935Jake Garcia
407Paul Shafer, Jr.
4116Cayden Lapcevich
4210Ryan Crane
4343Derek Thorn
4475Jeremy Doss
4554Preston Peltier
467John DeAngelis
4721Jeremy Pate
4871Bubba Pollard
4936Dan Fredrickson
5043Daniel Dye
5151Sammy Smith
5253Cole Butcher
5378Corey Heim
549Hudson Halder
5532Grant Enfinger


Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100 Qualifying Order:


Pos.Car No.Name
14Kyle Plott
281Jake Finch
391Jim Wall
414Connor Okrzesik
589Bobby Reuse
69Hudson Halder
737A.J. Wernette
824Mason Diaz
9112Grant Thompson
1033Wes Griffith, Jr.
1155Charlie Keeven
1284Steven Chunn
137Joey Pontbriand
1412Justin Bonnett
1529Mason Keller
1614Chris Davidson
1738Josh Hicks
1811Jacob Beasock
196Josh Williams
2023Dylan Smith
217John DeAngelis
2226Bubba Pollard
2312Dan Leeck
2499Justin Marks
2558Bill Tutchtone
2643Dakota Stroup
2733Dustin Smith
2840Jordan Miller
393Jim Weber
3051Stephen Nasse
3111Stacey Crain
3254Jarrett Butcher
3343Derek Thorn
3418Johanna Long Robbins
3553Kyle Ivey
3610Steve Dorer
3753Ryan Luza
3854Matt Craig
3989Dylan Fetcho
4041Hunter Jack
4111Jolynn Wilkinson
4267Colin Allman
4315MAJake Johnson
448Mark Day
454Elliott Massey

Number One Draws No. 1 in Snowball Derby Qualifying Draw