Nottestad Keeps it Rolling at Slinger

Slinger, Wis.,Jacob Nottestad racked up his sixth late model feature victory of the season in the 40-lap main event Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway as he was in the right place at the right time when the top two drivers tangled with ten laps to go.

“The car got a little bit tight there at the end,”  Nottestad explained from victory lane how he took the lead and won after leaders Jakob Nottestad and Tyler Schley tangled while racing for the lead with ten laps to go, “But we were able to hold on and with the two in front of us wrecking, everything just worked out tonight.”

Hassler and Schley battled intensely for command of the event throughout most of the beginning stages of the race as Nottestad and Ryan Gutknecht kept them in sight from third and fourth place respectively. Hassler held the inside lane and Schley worked the top groove when on lap 30, while race side by side, the two made side contact entering turn one sending both cars spinning around and handing the lead to Nottestad. From that point on, Nottestad was able to turn back the challenges of Gutknecht to secure the victory while Gutknecht finished a close second. Tom Berens ran a strong race to finish in third while Jerry Eckhardt finished fourth. Tyler Schley rebounded from the incident and drove from the back of the pack up to fifth place at the finish.

Zach Prunty won the opening late model heat race for his first Slinger late model victory while Ryan Gutknecht took top honors in the second late model heat race. Jacob Nottestad was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 12.111 seconds,

Bobby Gutknecht held off Tom Elsinger to win the 30-lap Sportsman feature while Jake Schraufnagel crossed the finish line in third followed by Jay Kalbus and Scott Ascher in fourth and fifth respectively. Paul Wagner and Bobby Gutknecht were the winners of the Sportsman heat races and Jay Kalbus topped qualifying after turning in a lap at 12.774 seconds.

The youth movement owned the Slinger Bees 25-lap feature as 12-year-old Evan Hassler scored his first feature victory by holding off 14-year-old J.D. Rudser and 15-year-old Ricky Gebhardt for the victory. Rudser finished second and Gebhardt was third. Brandon Tackes and Brian Stanczyk rounded out the top five finishers. Marty Tackes and Brady Held each won a Slinger Bee heat race and Al Strobel was the fastest qualifier.

The asphalt modifieds made a return trip to Slinger and Bill Prietzel scored a dominating win in the 20-lap main event. Justin Okruhlicka finished second followed by Cole Howard and Mike Sandholm in third and fourth respectively. Steven Schulz took the checkered flag in fifth. Cole Howard won the asphalt modified heat race and top time honors went to Steven Schulz with a lap at 12.357 seconds.

Steve Zoromski fended off the challenges of Scott Hoeft to win the 25-lap Slinger Beez feature. Hoeft finished second while Brandon Tackes completed a strong run with a third place result. Todd Buckley and Paul Reagles rounded out the top five finishers. Steve Zoromski also won the Slinger Beez heat race while Scott Hoeft was the fastest driver in qualifying with a lap at 13.667 seconds.



40 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 7 Jacob Nottestad Stoughton, WI 97N
2 8 Ryan Gutknecht Oak Creek, WI 01G
3 2 Tom Berens Slinger, WI 99B
4 10 Jerry Eckhardt Johnson Creek, WI 61E
5 5 Tyler Schley Richfield, WI 55S
6 11 Tyler Hromadka Brookfield, WI 3H
7 9 Zach Prunty Lomira, WI 39P
8 6 Ryan Craine Hartford, WI 99C
9 12 Tom Jasinski Pewaukee, WI 46J
10 1 Jakob Hassler Colgate, WI 6H
11 4 Jerry Mueller Richfield, WI 49M
12 (DNF) 3 Brad Hetzel West Bend, WI 68H



30 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 6 Bobby Gutknecht Oak Creek, WI 10G
2 1 Tom Elsinger West Bend, WI 33E
3 5 Jake Schraufnagel Slinger, WI 29S
4 7 Jay Kalbus Watertown, WI 27K
5 8 Scott Ascher Sussex, WI 19A
6 9 Paul Wagner Iron Ridge, WI 53W
7 11 Adam Bleskan Menomonee Falls, WI 11B
8 14 Natalie Haver West Bend, WI 3H
9 12 Randy Ruth Menomonee Falls, WI 32R
10 13 Chris Beine Slinger, WI 9B
11 3 Jimmie Evans St. Francis, WI 101E
12 10 Andrew Meyerhofer Menasha, WI 14M
13 4 Dale Lecus, Jr. Caledonia, WI 99L
14 2 Mitchell Haver West Bend, WI 7H



15 laps | 00:00:00Presented by PMF Landscape Supply

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 3 Steve Zoromski Slinger, WI 20Z
2 4 Scott Hoeft Watertown, WI 00H
3 2 Brandon Tackes West Bend, WI 24B
4 6 Todd Buckley West Bend, WI 8B
5 1 Paul Reagles Colgate, WI 25R
6 (DNF) 5 Rick Schaefer Hartford, WI 3S



25 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 3 Evan Hassler Colgate, WI 3H
2 16 JD Rudser Port Washington, WI 54R
3 4 Ricky Gebhard Oconomowoc, WI 10G
4 9 Brandon Tackes West Bend, WI 24B
5 11 Brian Stanczyk West Bend, WI 23S
6 12 Marty Tackes West Bend, WI 24M
7 13 Dannie Burkholder Princeton, MN 46B
8 14 Tracy Neu Ashippun, WI 15N
9 7 Brandon Mennicke Slinger, WI 11M
10 15 Travis Kreuser West Bend, WI 20K
11 (DNF) 8 Al Strobel Iron Ridge, WI 14S
DQ 10 Mitchell Strobel Iron Ridge, WI 14M
DQ 6 Matt Urban Milwaukee, WI 48U
DQ 5 Carl Benn Milwaukee, WI 01B
DQ 1 Zach Greer Slinger, WI 44G
DQ 2 Brady Held Iron Ridge, WI 04H



6 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 3 Hank’s * Hartford, WI 11
2 4 Good Times * Allenton, WI 3
3 1 Foolery’s * Okauchee Lake, WI 00
4 2 Finish Line * Slinger, WI 16
5 5 Sheryl’s 175 * Slinger, WI 175
6 6 Raceway * Slinger, WI 60



20 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 5 Bill Prietzel Richfield, WI 11P
2 6 Justin Okruhlica Jackson, WI 54O
3 3 Cole Howard Baraboo, WI 52H
4 8 Mike Sandholm Oconomowoc, WI 6S
5 7 Steven Schulz Waukesha, WI 45S
6 1 Pat Heaney Greenfield, WI 27H
7 4 Russ Moberly West Bend, WI 5M
8 2 Bill Tandetzke Cudahy, WI 1T

Nottestad Keeps it Rolling at Slinger