Wenatchee, Wash. –Officials with the Northwest Super Late Model Series in conjunction with operators of Stateline Speedway have announced the following penalties based on actions detrimental to stock car racing.

By a unanimous vote of the NWSLMS Board of Directors and Stateline Speedway management it is determined that the penalties are the result of the following series and track rule violations which occurred on lap 133 of the Idaho Tune-Up 150 held June 11, 2016-

1) No person shall participate in fights in motor pits or on race premises at any time. A violation could cause a fine of up to $500 for each individual involved and immediate expulsion from the series until further notice. All persons involved will be asked to leave and/or will be taken to jail.
2) Driver assumes responsibility for actions of their entire crew and associates.
3) Any abusive or improper language to or regarding a series or track official may be cause for suspension, expulsion from series and/or fine. You or your team must conduct yourself in a professional manner.
4) Per the 2016 Stateline Speedway Rulebook- Poor sportsmanship, rough driving, causing a problem, showing bad temper, ignoring black flag, fighting, using bad language, distracting flagman during races. Any of these may get you a twenty-five dollar to two-thousand dollar ($25.00 to $2000.00) fine, shut down for two (2) or more races or barred from the speedway for life by the promoter. Driver is responsible for all people associated with his/her car. Any suspension includes car and car number. If you touch an official you may be arrested or suspended or both.

As a result of their actions on June 11, 2016 which include entering hot pit road and making contact with a competitors car, Stateline Speedway issues a fine of $500 each to No. 33 car owners, Mike and Sherrie Behar. The Northwest Super Late Model Series issues a fine of $500 each to No. 33 car owners, Mike and Sherrie Behar, for fighting. In addition, the team will receive payout for 16th place in the finishing order and 20 points towards the 2016 NWSLMS championship standings.

The No. 33, driven by Nicole Behar, is suspended from series competition as well as racing at Stateline Speedway for the remainder of the 2016 season. No crewmember, driver or car owner of the No. 33 will be allowed into a facility hosting a NWSLMS race nor will they be allowed entrance to Stateline Speedway for any event in that time span. The option to apply for reinstatement to competition prior to the beginning of the 2017 NWSLMS and Stateline Speedway season is given to the team.

-NWSLMS Press Release.  Photo Credit: Getty Images for NASCAR

Northwest Super LM Series Hands Down Big Penalties to Behar & Team