North-South Shootout Winner Disqualified & Admits Fault

The driver that crossed the finish line first during last Saturday’s North-South Shootout Tour-type Modified race will not be declared the official winner. Following analysis of the top-three finishers’ right rear tires, initial winner Burt Myers has been disqualified.


Tires from all three drivers were sent by the PRA Tours, the sanctioning body that promotes the North-South Shootout, to Blue Ridge Labs for analysis. After receiving documentation from Blue Ridge Labs and verification from Hoosier, Myers’ tires did not meet the benchmark. As a result, Myers has been disqualified.


“It is unfortunate as a series director to disqualify any competitor,” said Renee Hackett, Promoter of PRA Tours and the North-South Shootout. “Burt has been a long-time supporter and a two-time winner of this event. As a series, it is imperative that we provide a level field of competition for all competitors.”


Upon receiving the news that he was disqualified for a tire infraction, Myers accepted full responsibility for his action.


“In the last race, I made a bad decision that ultimately cost us the win,” Myers said. “In racing, there is extreme pressure to win and be successful, and I cracked. As owner and driver, I want to accept sole responsibility for the actions of my team. I want to apologize to my family, my crew, my sponsors and my fans. Moving forward into this offseason, we’ll take this time to refocus, rebuild and deal with this disappointment.”


Andy Seuss of Salisbury, North Carolina has earned the title as the winner of the 17th Annual North-South Shootout. Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Massachusetts and Andy Jankowiak of Tonawanda, New York are the official top-three finishers.


The 18th Annual JBIII North-South Shootout will return to Hickory Motor Speedway in November 2020.


-Story by: Brandon Paul, Speed51 Content Manager – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51
-Photo credit: Speed51

North-South Shootout Winner Disqualified & Admits Fault