North Carolina Young Gun Wins at Orange County

Rougemont, N.C. (June 16, 2020) – The name Loden may ring a bell for all local short track fans, but not the one people may think. With racing lineage running deep, Nick Loden, son of former “Mr. North Carolina” and short track hot-shoe Andy Loden, found his first taste of late model success in Saturday night’s 75 lap Carolina Pro Late Model feature at Orange County Speedway. A track where he watched his dad win when he was a child, Loden set his sights on the fast 3/8-mile track as a golden opportunity.


Qualifying third and after the invert, Loden started on the outside in fourth. It took him seven laps to gain the lead and pace the field. Loden saw one caution before the halfway mark, where he effortlessly maintained his lead. While the field fell under three more cautions, Loden chose the outside line each time, never surrendering his lead.


“Picked up my first win in a late model, so I’m pretty excited about that!” Exclaimed Loden. “Did a little rubbing to get it, but rubbin’s racing, so we’re all good. I made a deal this week that if I won the race, Keith from Carolina Pro Late Model Series will get to cut this mop off the top of my head, so I guess that’s happening.”


For a behind the scene look at his victory haircut, check out Nick Loden Racing on Facebook and Instagram or the Carolina Pro Late Model Series Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page. The video is also available on YouTube at You can also watch a replay of Nick Loden’s 1st Pro Late Model Victory thanks to Memory Lane Video.


At the young age of 15 years old, Loden works a fulltime job during the day and works on his race car at night, learning speed secrets from his dad. With this type of work ethic, it’s no surprise that in only his 10th late model start he brought home the checkered flag.


Orange County Results:
1.   Nick Loden              43
2.   William Cox III         3
3.   Lee Tissot               27
4.   Kyle Campbell         15
5.   Erik Nash                113
6.   Dylan Ward             7
7.   Amber Lynn            2
8.   Mike Toner Jr          5
9.   Toni Breidinger        80
10. Tony Cosentino       11
11. Bill Catania              18
12. Tommy Neal            21
13. Zach Keller              52
14. Matt Henley             98
15. Chad Malloy            8
16. Logan Boyett           1X
17. Tony Blanchard       13 DNS


-Carolina Pro Late Model Series Press Release

-Photo credit: Four Cent Media

North Carolina Young Gun Wins at Orange County