Next Generation of Busch Family Already on Track

NASCAR Cup Series Champions Kurt and Kyle Busch came by their passion for racing honestly, as their father Tom Busch was a short track racer himself.  Now, the next generation of the Busch racing family is on-track, with Kyle’s son Brexton embarking on his own racing journey.


Brexton, five years old, has been testing a Beginner Box Stock at Millbridge Speedway (NC), with hopes of racing soon.  Kyle discussed the burgeoning new career during an interview on Speed51’s “The Bullring,”admitting he wasn’t expecting to be owning race cars for his son quite this quickly.


“No, this isn’t quite what I was expecting to do this early,” said Busch.  “We went out there and he saw it.  He was like, ‘Yeah, I can do that, I really want to give that a shot.’ We got him a kart and have been out there a few times.”


Brexton has tested a handful of occasions at Millbridge, including getting some track time with other racers on track.  There is still a lot to learn for Brexton, but Kyle is already seeing progress and promise.


“We tested three times, and the tests went okay.  He was picking up on it.  Then we went out there for a race to throw him in and see where he’s at.  We went back out there last week and practiced a little bit more.  He’s got the feel for it.  He ran some faster lap times and ran around some other kids.  He was trying to keep up with them.  These kids at five years old, six or seven laps is about as many as they can string together in a row, but he was doing a better job.”


Of course, no one races very long without eventually getting into their first incident, and Brexton has already checked off that milestone.  Kyle admitted the first spill briefly shook up the young racer, but he quickly got back on the horse.


“He had his first bang-up last week.  He got a little loose in turn four and overcorrected.  He nosed it into the frontstretch wall a little bit.  No damage to the kart, just banged him up a little bit and had him scared.  Twenty minutes later, I said, ‘Hey, I need you to go back out there and check the motor, make sure the motor’s okay.  Would you be willing to go back out there?’


“He hemmed and hawed for a second, but he said, ‘Yeah, I can go back out there.  I can do it one more time to make sure the motor’s okay.’  He wasn’t scared and not wanting to do it anymore, so that’s a positive.”


Busch believes it’s too early to tell what his son’s driving style will be like, and whether it will more closely resemble his own or Uncle Kurt’s.  However, he has already seen some of the same mannerisms from Brexton that he sees in his own driving.


“I think it’s too early to tell yet.  He is five. He holds his hands very steady, so it reminds me a lot of me.  That was one of the problems when he got loose.  He likes to hold the wheel steady, he’s not all over the steering wheel, but when he got loose he wasn’t fast enough correcting it.  We’ve got to get on his hands a little bit, speed him up a little bit to what he’s feeling.”


To see more of Busch’s interview from “The Bullring,” click here to watch an on-demand replay of past episodes or click here to listen to the segment in podcast form.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Samantha Busch Twitter

Next Generation of Busch Family Already on Track