The New Year has begun and already the 2017 racing season has kicked off in the warmer parts of the country with several race teams flocking to the race track. There are also those in the bitter cold and snow who have chosen to take some time to prepare their rides for the rigors of a busy Spring, Summer and Fall.


Regardless of which category you may fall in, race fans are eager to see what they can expect for the year ahead and we at want to help those fans get a look with the help of the hashtag #51ShopPics.


We are looking for drivers and mechanics all across the land to share their pictures of cars in the shop using #51ShopPics on Twitter as the countdown to racing continues. Already this Winter many have shared the preparations towards the season, whether they race on asphalt or dirt; Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, or even Mini Outlaws.


The response and interaction so far with #51ShopPics has been tremendous. But as always, we all want more.


While we’ve seen plenty of racers using the hashtag, we’ve also noticed some that have not. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to receive free publicity and exposure for your race team and sponsors.


The homepage of has a Twitter box on the right side of the page where all tweets that use the hashtag #51ShopPics can be seen. With visitors from all over the world checking in daily on, your shop pics will be seen by millions of racing fans.


Whether you just took delivery of a new frame or just applied the final decals, please keep tweeting those #51ShopPics. For many, there’s still a long road ahead until they can return to the race track. Let’s make that road less bumpy with some shop pics.


-Text by Staff

-Photo Credit: Wyatt Alexander

New Year is Here, Keep Those #51ShopPics Coming