A new brand of coverage will make its debut on Speed51.com powered by JEGS this upcoming weekend.  Speed Central, a modified version of 51’s popular Trackside Now coverage, will be used during both days of coverage at the Atlantic City Indoor Races and during Sunday’s SpeedFest 2016 at Crisp Motorsports Park (GA).


graphic mobile app 2016-1Speed Central will serve as a hub for the most important information surround a particular short track racing event.  In comparison to the live lap-by-lap updates seen with 51’s Trackside Now coverage, which will continue in full force in 2016, Speed Central will only include the event’s most pertinent information on-demand.


This new format will allow short track racing fans to obtain important information such as qualifying results, heat lineups, starting lineups and unofficial finishes at their fingertips.  Additionally, fans will be able to obtain all of this information on one single page without having to scroll in order to find it.


51’s Speed Central will also provide any broadcast information, pertinent weather information, details on each race format (tires, pit stops, etc.), race day schedules and more.


“Each year we search for ways to step up our coverage and provide the readers of Speed51.com with more enhanced short track racing coverage,” said Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor.  “Speed Central will allow short track racing fans to easily obtain the information they want the most and will also allow us the opportunity to work on more unique content, including video footage, on the growing Speed51 Network.”


Many events throughout the country will continue to be covered with 51’s popular Trackside Now coverage; however, this new brand of coverage will allow fans to still get the information they want at events where Speed51.com may have a limited staff.


Speed Central on Speed51.com also provides businesses the opportunity for a large amount of exposure to race fans throughout the world.  Those interested in marketing opportunities with Speed51.com are encouraged to email 51’s Director of Business Jana Wimmer at [email protected].


-51 Sports Press Release

New Speed Central Coverage to Debut on 51 This Weekend