New Smyrna Changing Tires for Support Divisions

After close evaluation and extensive testing, Hoosier Racing Tires and New Smyrna Speedway will change the required tires for the Speedway’s Super Stock, Sportsman, Modified, E-Mod, and Pro Truck divisions to a Hoosier F-70. The F-70 will be replacing the Hoosier R-750 that had been long run at New Smyrna.

The decision was made due to the ever-evolving landscape of racing at the high-banked half-mile that caused the former R-750 tires to start to wear quickly.

“As the evolution of racing goes forward you have to keep up with technology,” said Hoosier Tire’s Irish Saunders. “They’re putting more loads on tires today than they did 10 years ago. You know, it’s really that simple.

“So New Smyrna came to us and said, ‘Hey, we’ve got some issues here. New Smyrna is a fast track, with a lot of banking, and a lot of load for a short track. We’ve got some concerns and our guys are needing to have better performance, longevity, and repeatability.’

“We took a couple of different options down there and when we put on this F-70 eight-inch tire, the driver said, you know what, it’s not locked into the racetrack, but it’s maneuverable. It’s very drivable. I can go anywhere on the track.”

With the promise of more maneuverability, the longevity has also been praised in recent test sessions.

“When we put it on, we went through three heat cycles on the tire,” said Saunders. “When it was a brand-new sticker tire, it went 19.58 [seconds] on the Sportsman. And at the end of the run, which was 67 laps, it still ran from the .58 to 19.60 on his last lap. We saw less heat in the tire. We saw better wear on the tire. It was just the whole package that we had put together that we felt was gonna probably be a pretty good combination for down there.”

The new tire will be made available as an option for racers in time for Governor’s Cup weekend, November 7th through the 9th, while they will become the standard for the 2020 season.

“We’re just excited to have this new tire because we think it’s going to bring a lot of excitement back to racing, said New Smyrna Speedway General Manager Rusty Marcus. “I know the people we had testing said they have not been able to drive on the racetrack like they were able to yesterday. They were able to drive wherever they wanted to on the racetrack and that’s exciting.”

-Story by: Allick Jorgensen, National Correspondent – Twitter: @AJorgensen24
-Photo credit: New Smyrna Speedway

New Smyrna Changing Tires for Support Divisions