Staying true to their lighter, stiffer, cooler, quicker mantra, PFC Brakes has taken the best features of the ZR34 caliper and made it even better. The new ZR94 caliper features a robust internal fluid cross over tube, adding strength and reducing weight.  The addition of the anti-rotation fluid inlet, increases rigidity and reduces the potential for interference.  By making these improvements, the ZR94 now has the ability to fit multiple racing applications and provide weight savings.


pfc-anim1Applications include: Street Car Kits, Rally, Super Late Models (asphalt), Pro Late Models (asphalt), Super Late Models (dirt), Crate Late Models (dirt), Big-Block Modifieds (dirt), Tour Modifieds (asphalt) and TA2.


The new ZR94 is available for the summer of 2016.


If you have questions about the ZR94, contact PFC Brakes. Call Randy Keene at 803-415-5393 or email him at [email protected].


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-PFC Brakes Press Release. Photo credit: PFC Brakes

New PFC Brakes Caliper Offers Weight Savings for Racers