2018 will bring new owners, new rules and new excitement to the Main Racing Event Series, an Outlaw Super Late Model series with its roots in the Midwest region. Dave Muzzillo and Ed Kennedy are the new owners of the series and are determined to host more events and gain larger car counts moving forward.


Muzzillo posted on the series’ Facebook page recently, thanking everyone for their open arms in welcoming himself and Kennedy as new owners. Becoming the new owners so close to the beginning of the season has proved challenging, but they are working hard to make 2018 the best season yet.


“Ed and I purchased the Main Event Series a couple weeks ago,” Muzzillo began.  “We both have a passion for Outlaw racing.  We both knew we were getting into this late in the season of scheduling races. We have four people working on some dates for four more shows. The biggest obstacle from the past is low car counts. Tracks want to see 20-plus cars per show.”


Struggling to gain traction, the series asked who would be interested in racing with the series, as well as where. Muzzillo and Tyler Perry, Announcer and Social Media Co-ordinator were extremely interactive with the Facebook page continuously asking questions about what teams and drivers wanted to see from them.


“I have several drivers committed to run with Main Event, and several people that want to see this grow,” Muzzillo claimed.


The series hosted a Facebook live video where they answered previously asked questions and let drivers and other people involved with the series ask questions pertaining to the rules, event schedule, payouts and more.


“Over the last week my phones been blowing up every day with questions,” Perry said.  “A lot of feedback, a lot of input from rules to payouts, to a lot of different things and that’s what we wanted. Thanks to everyone who put in effort.”


During the Facebook live, Perry went on and listed the scheduled payouts for their events. Drivers voted on their preference of pay scale, and after the voting was over drivers were prompt to say they would love to support the series if they went with the proposed pay scale.


The Facebook live video included 109 comments where teams, drivers and media commented asking questions and giving praise to the series.


The new owners said they will continue to enforce the 2017 rules for 2018, and that there will be no new changes for this upcoming season. The tentative schedule currently includes nine shows at eight race tracks.


“The long-term goal is to have 12 shows and three in the south with the best show possible,” Muzzillo claimed.


“We’re going to see a full field at every single show, I truly believe that.” Perry said.


To gain more racers and reward the racers that support the series, the new owners are already discussing bonus programs.


“I have $8,500 right now in committed bonus money,” Muzzillo said.  “We’re going to take $3,000 of that and starting the second race guys are going to get extra bonus money for the top 15 drivers.”


The Main Racing Event Series is excited to start a new season, and is over the moon with all the interest that has been expressed in the series this year. New owners Dave Muzzilo and Ed Kennedy, as well as announcer Tyler Perry are extremely involved with the progression of the series and are always open to suggestions, comments, feedback and questions regarding the series.


More information can be found by searching for “Main Event Racing Series” on Facebook. A new website for the series is currently being built and will be available at www.maineventsuperlatemodels.com.


-By Kendra Adams, Speed51.com Correspondent

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New Owners Hope to Bring New Life to Main Event Series