Subscribers to the Speed51 Network have spoken and we at have listened.  A brand new, more user-friendly racing videos page has been created for short track racing fans to find the videos they want to watch on


Since the launch of the Speed51 Network in June 2015, more than 1,500 short track racing videos have been available to watch on-demand; however, one of the suggestions we heard most often was, “you need to make it easier to find the videos I want to watch.”


Well, with the assistance of our web developers we’ve done just that.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)The new “racing videos” page on the Speed51 Network allows racing fans to see up to 25 of the latest videos posted on the network.  Race fans can also narrow down their search by the type of car they want to watch, weekly racing, touring division racing and on-board cameras if they prefer the up close and personal experience.


If 25 videos is too much for you at one time, you can also narrow down the results to a 3×3 grid (nine videos) or 4×4 grid (16 videos). All videos on each page are also listed in chronological order with the most recent videos appearing first. Each video also features a large thumbnail to give you a hint of what’s to come in the video.


By narrowing down the videos by category you will find that the Speed51 Network has posted 128 Dirt Modified videos, 100 Late Model Stock Car videos, 194 Pavement Modified videos, 145 Pro Late Model videos, 591 Super Late Model videos and a whole lot more.


In addition to the new video page, race fans can also search for a specific video in the top right search bar on For example, if you want to watch the videos from the Snowball Derby you would type “Video Snowball Derby.”


With more and more videos posted each day, the Speed51 Network continues to build an on-demand short track racing video gallery unlike anywhere else on the web.


Race fans can sign up for the Speed51 Network for $7.99 a month or $59.99 a year by clicking here.  A subscription will also give race fans access to more than 20 live racing broadcasts that are part of the Summer Thunder TV series presented by PFC Brakes.


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New, More User-Friendly Video Page on Speed51 Network