New FASTRAK Winner Crowned at Tyler County

Carnesville, GA – Michael Bland continues to lead the FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship over Troy Frazier. Bland has been competing on the AFCO Crate Spec Shocks, which cost $187 per shock. The new shocks were developed and thoroughly tested throughout 2018 and have seen much success in the Pro Late Model class so far in 2019. Donnie Dotson, who is currently third in the standings is also competing on the AFCO Crate Spec Shocks.


On Friday night, AJ Spagnuola picked up his second feature win of the season, this time at Elkins Speedway. Saturday saw Corey Almond pick up his third win of the season and second of the year at Virginia Motor Speedway. Former FASTRAK Champion David McCoy found victory lane at Toccoa Raceway. Tyler Riggs claimed his first ever FASTRAK Pro Late Model win at Tyler County Speedway. TJ Salango returned to victory lane at Beckley Motorsports Park.


The standings saw a bit of a shake-up among the top ten this past weekend. Trey Watson and Kyle Thomas both improved one position placing them fourth and fifth, respectively. Corey Almond fell two spots to sixth. Derrick Shaw moved up one spot to seventh after a second place showing at Elkins and a fourth-place finish at Tyler County. Luke Hyre picked up two spots, improving to eight. Nick Schlager and Garrett Jones round out the top ten.


There are now ten weeks remaining in the 2019 FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship, and as drivers are beginning to hit the fifteen-race mark, the points battle will continue to heat up heading into the first weekend of July.


Feature Results – Elkins Raceway – June 28th
1) AJ Spagnuola; 2) Derrick Shaw; 3) Trey Watson; 4) Michael Bland; 5) Tyler Riggs; 6) Logan Roberson; 7) Troy Frazier; 8) Sparky Davisson; 9) Kyle Thomas; 10) Garrett Jones; 11) Donnie Dotson; 12) John Over; 13) Luke Hyre; 14) Eric Smith; 15) Craig Daft; 16) Tyler Foster; 17) Katelyn Frazier; 18) Lucas McDonald


Feature Results – Tyler County Speedway – June 29th
1) Tyler Riggs; 2) Wylie Ford; 3) Michael Bland; 4) Derrick Shaw; 5) Kyle Thomas; 6) Sparky Davisson; 7) Donnie Dotson; 8) Troy Frazier; 9) AJ Spagnuola; 10) Trey Watson; 11) Lucas McDonald; 12) Garrett Jones; 13) Brandon Weigle; 14) Luke Hyre; 15) Richard Frazier


Feature Results – Beckley Motorsports Park – June 29th
1) TJ Salango; 2) Tyler Cox; 3) Shane Greco; 4) Patrick Solari; 5) Eddie Hambrick


Feature Results – Toccoa Raceway – June 29th
1) David McCoy; 2) Nick Schlager; 3) Ricky Smith; 4) Drew Collins; 5) Steven Segars; 6) Sylvan Schuette


Feature Results – Virginia Motor Speedway – June 29th
1) Corey Almond; 2) Justin Williams; 3) Matt Glanden; 4) Davis Lipscombe; 5) Jared Powell; 6) Chuck Bowie; 7) Kyle Lear; 8) Nick Love; 9) Brad Rigdon; 10) Camden Testerman; 11) James Snead; 12) Brent Bordeaux; 13) Jeremy Pilkerton; 14) Darrell Dow; 15) Lance Grady; 16) Carl Vaughn; 17) Toby Davis; 18) Kenny Moreland; 19) Jonathan Raley; 20) Matt Marshall; 21) Tyler Hoy; 22) Troy Williams; 23) Ray Love Jr; DQ) Billy Hubbard


Top 10 – FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship
1) Michael Bland (594); 2) Troy Frazier (522); 3) Donnie Dotson (507); 4) Trey Watson (442); 5) Kyle Thomas (434); 6) Corey Almond (426); 7) Derrick Shaw (409); 8) Luke Hyre (384); 9) Nick Schlager (379); 10) Garrett Jones (328)


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-Photo credit: Tyler County Speedway Facebook

New FASTRAK Winner Crowned at Tyler County