NASHVILLE — John Hunter Nemechek calls Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway (TN) one of his favorite short tracks in the country.  Now, at the young age of 16, Nemechek is ready to add a win at the track to his resume and the coveted trophy guitar to his trophy case.


After Friday night’s qualifying, the Mooresville, North Carolina driver became one step closer to his goal by claiming the pole position for Saturday’s All-American 400.  Nemechek recorded a lightning fast lap of 18.912 seconds around the 6/10-mile to claim the top spot by .007 seconds over Michael Bolden.


“I really like this place,” Nemechek told powered by JEGS.  “I won here in the spring with the Super Late Model and got it taken away from us, so we’re coming back with a full head of steam trying to get redemption.  We want to win this race pretty bad and we want a guitar.  All of these guys put in a bunch of work and I can’t thank McDonald’s enough for coming on board and making this possible.”


Bolden of Cane Ridge, Tennessee described his second-place qualifying effort as a dream come true.  He isn’t sure whether or not he will be able to sleep knowing he’s on the front row for one of the biggest Late Model races in the country, the All-American 400.


“I’ll try my best to (sleep), but I don’t know,” said Bolden.  “I’ll be wired up for the rest of the night.  I just can’t thank these guys enough that help us.  They’ve been out here freezing their butts off all weekend and fought the rain all day today. It’s incredible.  I’m amazed.  Shell shocked.”


Both drivers were very surprised of how much speed the track had during qualifying.  After a pair of rain showers and decreasing track temperatures throughout the day, the combination of a cool race track and fresh tires resulted in very fast laps.


“We figured the pole would be a 19.0,” said Nemechek.  “I didn’t think I had an 18.9 in me.  It turned out to be good.”


Bolden said the he entered qualifying with the goal of running a 19.2.  He figured that would put him into the show comfortably.  He never imagined that he’d turn a lap under 19 seconds.


“Going into qualifying I was going to be happy to run a 19.2,” added Bolden.  “I figured if we could run a 19.2 or 19.1 that we’d be comfortable, but then I looked up on the backstretch after the first lap and saw a 19.2 and thought we had a little bit of room to play with.  I never dreamed coming down here this weekend that we’d run an 18.9 in qualifying.”


Leading the field to green, Nemechek feels like he has a car underneath him to bring home his first Nashville win and the trophy guitar on Saturday.


“As long as we were in the top-five, I told the guys that we would be good for the race,” said Nemechek.  “I feel like we’re pretty consistent and hopefully we can keep it consistent tomorrow.  I’m feeling good heading into the race.  Hopefully we can bring home that guitar.


Dillion Oliver, the first driver of the night to break the 19-second mark, Brian Campbell and Willie Allen completed the qualifying top-five.  Allen’s qualifying run was later disqualified in post-qualifying technical inspection for failing to maintain minimum weight.


For all of the information from a busy practice and qualifying day at Fairground Speedway Nashville, visit’s Trackside Now coverage by clicking here.


-By Brandon Paul, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo Credit: Bruce Nuttleman/


All-American 400 Qualifying Results

Fairground Speedway Nashville – October 31, 2014

1 8n John Hunter Nemechek 18.912
2 9 Michael Bolden 18.919
3 33 Dillion Oliver 18.969
4 47 Brian Campbell 19.031
5 29 Anderson Bowen 19.068
6 41r TJ Reaid 19.108
7 55b Chuck Barnes, Jr. 19.122
8 9b William Byron 19.124
9 43 Justin South 19.132
10 30 Bobby Knox 19.180
11 11 Stacey Crain 19.181
12 8 Mark Day 19.204
13 41j Brandon Johnson 19.205
14 20 Andy Johnson 19.209
15 71 Corey Deuser 19.221
16 84 Hunter Spivey 19.231
17 95 Chad Chaffin 19.236
18 37 Brian Hoar 19.237
19 42 Chad Finley 19.237
20 47 Dakota Stroup 19.242
21 46 Cole Williams 19.247
22 2x Dennis Reno 19.248
23 2 John Bolen 19.253
24 5 Bret Holmes 19.254
25 01 Travis Braden 19.258
26 711 Michael House 19.276
27 49 TJ Martins 19.281
28 13 Hunter Baize 19.284
29 12 Harrison Burton 19.314
30 09 Daniel Bolden 19.324
31 28 Jeff O’Neill 19.342
32 53 Kyle Ivey 19.347
33 14 Davey Coble 19.360
34 5g Will Gallaher 19.363
35 31 Kaz Grala 19.391
36 33s Wes Griffith 19.406
37 4 Dalton Armstrong 19.426
38 1 Sterling Marlin 19.428
39 88 Tucker Wingo 19.432
40 55 Bennie Hamlett 19.630
41 129 Micky Cain 19.639
42 44 Steve LaKing 19.692
43 23 Dalton Grindle 20.038
44 89 Bobby Reuse 20.045
45 7 John DeAngelis No Time
46 26 Willie Allen No Time

Nemechek One Step Closer to AA 400 Guitar After Qualifying