Short track drivers, crew chiefs and team members from across the country will have the opportunity to visit the heart of racing in Mooresville, NC as GRIP Seminars will set up at Dale Earnhardt, Inc. February 7-9, 2014


Building on the success of last year’s GRIP Seminar, these seminars will offer short track racers the opportunity to sit in on courses covering topics such as setup basics, tires, bump stops, shocks, geometry and more.


“Making the move to DEI in 2013 was a great choice for GRIP Seminars. Not only did our racers get to learn in a true racing environment, but they had access to all of the industry’s companies that are located in this area,” said Gary Crooks of Crooks Racing Inc. in Mooresville, NC.


Additionally, Enders continued, “We had great feedback from our racers in 2013 about the types of speakers they’d like to see in 2014, so we are adding several new sessions, a lot of new speakers. And we are taking them to some new places for our After Hours events that will open them up to a whole new experience.”


GRIP is designed to benefit teams from all forms of asphalt short tracking racing, from tracks all over the United States and Canada. “We had an amazing turnout in Portland for our first seminar,” added Jason Enders of RE Suspension, Inc. in Mooresville, NC. “Racers came in from Canada, from tracks all over the East Coast, all the way up from Florida. Through Facebook and the website, we’ve been able to keep up with how they’re doing this season, and our graduates have had some pretty great results. 2013 brought a whole new group of racers to us, and we’ve really loved seeing them race this year and seeing what a difference we were able to help them make with their racing program.”


A graduate of GRIP recently posted on Facebook: “First real practice laps of the season, 1/2 second faster with the same car. GRIP Seminars really paying off…..was there any doubt?”


Enrollment for the seminar is open at


For more information on GRIP, to register for the contingency program and to register for either seminar, please visit or contact Gary Crooks at 704.224-6672


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Need Setup Help? GRIP Seminars At DEI Can Assist