Stephen Nasse has never been shy when it comes to mixing things up at the race track.  In 2019, he’s also not going to be shy when it comes to mixing up his racing schedule.  Appearing on Speed51’s “The Morning Bullring” on February 25, Nasse discussed his plans for the upcoming racing season.


“I hate to talk about it, every single time I feel like I tell fans or people ask me if I can go to this race, I’m like, ‘oh heck yeah, that sounds like fun,’ and then it just ends up falling through every time,” Nasse told  “That’s the most frustrating thing to me because I really do want to go, it’s just little things that knocks it off.”


Nasse would go on to talk about his intentions of traveling to races he has never competed in.  Instead of chasing additional championships, the 2017 Southern Super Series champion plans to mix it up and do something a little different in 2019.


“You’re 99% more than likely going to see me at the Slinger Nationals this year,” Nasse said.  “You’re going to see me at the Richmond (PASS) race.  We’re not going to be sticking to one series.  We’re not just going to run with the Southern Super Series or CRA or PASS, we’re going to do all three.  Just pick and choose everywhere.  I want to go back to South Boston.  There’s something about New Hampshire I’ve seen on the schedule.  That’d be kind of cool.  Just tracks I don’t really go to too often is where I want to make the trip to this year.”


One race that was brought up by show hosts Bob Dillner and Casey LaJoie was the Oxford 250.  Nasse said the race has always been one he’s flirted with the idea of competing in, but he noted that Oxford Plains Speedway is not the kind of track he is accustomed to racing on.


“I’ve always had Oxford in my mind,” he stated.  “The only thing that’s held me back is it not being really my driving style of a track.  We don’t really get to go to the flat, round race tracks around here.  You don’t have much like that.  Showtime (Speedway) is actually one of the smaller, tighter tracks that we really go to.”


Bubba Pollard’s win in his first Oxford 250 attempt one year ago turned many heads around the short track racing world.  Stephen Nasse was no exception.  Between Pollard’s win in a Senneker Performance chassis and Nasse’s recent win in a Senneker at Showtime Speedway, Nasse has more confidence in going to tracks like Oxford.


“Like Bubba has said, his Senneker car is just really good at certain tracks.  It’s really starting to grow on me,” he commented.  “Terry’s worked with us some to get it better, but after the Derby I truly felt like I was one of the best Senneker cars on the track.  The Senneker car has so much better speed and drive off the corner on tighter race tracks.  Oxford wouldn’t surprise me if I could go there and run really good right off the bat.”


After his victory two weeks ago in the Ice Crusher 150 at Showtime, Nasse is looking forward to the next races on his schedule and is confident that his team can knock down some big wins in 2019.


“After what we did at Showtime and it being as small as it is, I really believe that going on into the season we can click off some big wins,” he said confidently.  “I’m looking forward to the Rattler coming up.  Kenly is coming up here in a couple weeks, they have a ten grand to win race.  Kenly’s the one I’m pretty excited about.  I think the Senneker car is going to do well there.  It’s showing some awesome speed, even at the Derby before the incident.  I’m really looking forward to the season.”


Following the CARS Tour season opener this weekend at Southern National Motorsorts Park, the next race on Nasse’s schedule will be the Rattler 250, the season opener for the Southern Super Series, at South Alabama Speedway on March 17.


Race fans unable to make it to Opp, Alabama can watch Nasse battle for the victory on Speed51’s live pay-per-view broadcast. Click here to purchase your pay-per-view video ticket today.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, State Editor (IN & MI)

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Nasse Planning to Mix Things Up With 2019 Schedule