Snowball Derby Win Taken Away From Nasse in Tech Inspection

Travis Braden inherited the win in the 52nd Annual Snowball Derby presented by BJ’s Wholesale Club after Stephen Nasse failed post-race inspection at Five Flags Speedway (FL).


Nasse was disqualified for a titanium violation in the brake system of his Jett Motorsports entry after taking the checkered flag for the prestigious Super Late Model event. Braden, who finished second to Nasse, cleared the post-race inspection process to claim the victory.


Rule A.10. of the Five Flags Speedway Super Late Model rulebook reads, “Titanium, Inconel or exotic metal are not allowed for use in any way on the race car.”


“The brake calipers had titanium brake caps over the pistons in the calipers,” Snowball Derby technical director Ricky Brooks told Speed51.  “That’s a distinct no-no in the rule book.  It says blatantly, in black and white, no titanium allowed anywhere on the car.  There are other parts of the rulebook that specify you can put titanium valves or whatever.  That part of the rulebook states that you cannot have it on the race car.


“Titanium doesn’t heat sink anything.  There’s a reason they were there.  They don’t hold the heat.  They were drilled to keep from holding the heat going into an aluminum piston and aluminum caliper.  There is an advantage to it.  Did it help him in this race?  Who knows.  It’s like any other DQ we have.  It’s all about the rulebook.  If we don’t go by the rulebook, we stand for nothing.”


In a post on Twitter, Nasse responded to the disqualification with a typed-out statement.


“The first thing tech asked us to do is remove the brakes because they had a ‘tip’ from their major supporter at PFC Brakes, Chris Dilbeck.  In our brake system there was a small titanium cap which does not enhance performance at all.”


Dilbeck responded to the allegations by saying it was unfortunate the race had been decided in technical inspection but, ultimately, one of his customers did not win the race even with the disqualification.


“I don’t want to see any race decided in tech.  It was unfortunate that PFC didn’t win the race on the race track.  I feel like PFC probably had the best car of the day, along with the vast majority of the field.  Myself, representing PFC at the Snowball Derby, I try to help every PFC customer to the best of my ability to go win the race.


“It’s very unfortunate that the race was decided in tech.  At the same time, the car that won the race was not a PFC customer, either.  Stephen Nasse is a great race car driver, and we were glad to have him on PFC the time that we did.  I enjoy watching him race just like any other race fan.”


Race fans can watch a replay of the 52nd Annual Snowball Derby by clicking here.


Official Results – 52nd Annual Snowball Derby

Pos. #Driver
126bTravis Braden
235Jake Garcia
353bCole Butcher
430Jesse Dutilly
548Preston Peltier
651sChandler Smith
722Casey Roderick
818Hunter Robbins
936Dan Fredrickson
1053jBoris Jurkovic
11119Dalton Zehr
1212GDerek Griffith
1391Ty Majeski
149CJeff Choquette
1543Derek Thorn
1681Giovanni Bromante
177dJohn DeAngelis
182Derek Kraus
1954cMatt Craig
209mBrad May
2151aMichael Atwell
2220mCole Moore
2375Jeremy Doss
2416Lucas Jones
2526pBubba Pollard
2610Kaden Honeycutt
2754gDavid Gilliland
28112Augie Grill
2957Josh Berry
3014cConnor Okrzesik
317Corey LaJoie
3221pJeremy Pate
3311David Rogers
3415Rodrigo Rejon
354Kyle Plott
3678Corey Heim
3751nStephen Nasse


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 photo

Snowball Derby Win Taken Away From Nasse in Tech Inspection