Nasse Buying Tickets for 100 Fans at Five Flags

While making an appearance on Five Flags Speedway’s “In The Groove”, Stephen Nasse announced that he will be giving away free tickets for Saturday’s Blizzard Series finale at the Pensacola oval.


The Florida driver took the idea to Promoter Tim Bryant after wanting to get more fans in the stands who wouldn’t normally be able to due to the economic environment caused by COVID-19.  After working out a deal with Bryant, Nasse has received 100 tickets to give out to fans to attend Saturday night’s event.




“We were able to get with [Tim Bryant] and get a deal together.  We’ve got 100 tickets and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of fans we can bring in and get people excited,” Nasse said.  “I think it’s going to be a great deal and short track racing needs things like this.  Hopefully it gets new people in the stands, hopefully it gets people that don’t have the money right now that don’t want to miss out on the race to come in and hopefully, I get to meet those people.  It’s nice to meet new fans and whether they like me or not, as long as they’re there, that’s all what really matters.


“The world’s going through some tough times right now, that’s obviously out there. It’s tough for the race fans as well and I know people struggle with something as small as getting a pit pass just to come and see the race,” he added.  “At the end of the day we want to get as many fans in the stands and the fans who want to be there but can’t afford to be there are the ones we want to help.”


Nasse turned the wick up during “Big Race Season” in 2019, finding victory lane in the Winchester 400 while performing well across the board.  He’s already performed well in one crown jewel this year, finishing third in the Winchester 400 just over a week ago.  With this year’s Blizzard finale in the sandwiched between crown jewels, the Florida driver looks to back it up with more marquee wins to add to his accolades as 2020 concludes.


Ten months removed from his Snowball Derby disqualification, Nasse sits just nine points back from the Blizzard Series points lead heading into Saturday’s finale, while also finding himself second in the Southern Super Series title chase.  However, the points battle is far from being the biggest thing on his mind as he searches for his second Blizzard Series win of 2020.


“I haven’t thought about it too much, to be honest.  I haven’t been too much of a points racer myself, never have been and I probably will never be,” Nasse told Speed51.  “I just want to win the big races and I’ve been going to races throughout the year just wanting to win.  I have a problem looking at the big picture and chasing championships throughout the year, it’s just not for me.  I’d rather have the big wins on my resume.”


The Blizzard Series finale serves as the final tune-up before the Snowball Derby every year, giving drivers a chance to see what they have while in race conditions.  This year’s event is no different for Nasse, who is still debating what to take up to Pensacola for the biggest Super Late Model race in the country.


“It’s really important for us because we have to decide what car we’re going to run.  It’s a toss-up between the Rowdy and the Fury.  The Rowdy’s been running very well, it’s won just about every race we’ve been in it and if not, we were running for the win and something happened.


“I don’t not want to race that one but at the same time, my Fury has been really good.  That’s what I won all of my big races with last year.  We can sit there and test and figure out what car’s going to be the best.”


A win on Saturday would give Nasse a boost of momentum going into next weekend’s All American 400.  For him, it would show just where his team sits among the elites of Super Late Model racing.


“it’s not as big as the Derby or a Winchester win, but any win is special.  I race for wins and it would mean a lot.  It would also speak volumes about our team.  We were put under a big handicap this year as far as our setup and everything goes and having to work a lot to get around it.  I wouldn’t be surprised to go in and win these big races again and hopefully we can set sail and be on top this weekend to show how strong we are.”


Saturday’s Blizzard Series finale will be broadcasted live on Speed51.TV.  Click here to purchase your PPV ticket and watch both the Blizzard and Allen Turner Pro Late Model races from Five Flags Speedway.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Nasse Buying Tickets for 100 Fans at Five Flags