After much consideration by the staff at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville (TN), the 34th Annual All American 400 will now be held later than originally planned.  Claire Formosa, the Vice President of the Nashville oval, confirmed to Tuesday morning that the race will now be held on the weekend of November 2-4, 2018.  The race was originally slated for the weekend of October 5-7.


A variety of reasons – including unexpected difficulties with staffing for the event and other short track events scheduled for the original date – led the track to move the event to the next calendar month.


“I hate that it’s coming at this time.  I’ve been working on this for weeks now, but unfortunately with us being in the spotlight of the city eye we can’t just make decisions and roll with it,” Formosa stated.  “We have to go to the fair board and have them approve everything.  What we’ve been waiting for this whole time is just going to the board and having them approve it because we’re actually going to be adding a race.”


According to Formosa, the new date for the All American 400 will allow many of the top Super Late Model drivers in the country to now attend the prestigious event.


“I kind of found that a lot of people want to come to the All American 400 and race, but there’s so much racing going on right there in that time,” Formosa said.  “I think the days of people scheduling races around the All American 400 are over.


“I’ve talked to people like Bubba Pollard, who was originally going to go run Oktoberfest [in Wisconsin] and he still is, but he told me that if we moved the date to November that he’d absolutely be there.  There are just a ton of people that I’ve talked to that weren’t going to be able to make it that now will.”


In addition to making the event date work for more racers and race teams, the new date will now allow Tech Director Eddie Chew to lead the technical inspection team for the event.


“I looked at the schedule, looked over a couple of different opportunities and I wanted Eddie Chew to come be a part of the event.”


The rescheduled date for the All-American 400 will now take place the same weekend as the CARS Tour finale at South Boston Speedway in Virginia.  Formosa expressed her apologies to the CARS Tour community while indicating that the rescheduled date was the latest the city-owned track could host the event this season.


“That was the final and latest date that the fair board would give me,” Formosa explained.  “Unfortunately, the only thing going on that weekend is the final CARS Tour race. I really want to express my apologies to them.  This wasn’t something we did intentionally.  I don’t recommend or commend people scheduling races on top of other races.  I would have loved to push it out further than that but the fair board just wouldn’t allow it.”


Teams that previously entered the event but won’t be able to attend the event on the new date will be issued full refunds for their entry fees and pre-purchased pit passes.  The same refund policy goes for race fans who will no longer be able to attend on the weekend of November 3-4.


“I hate that it’s come this late in the game,” Formosa admitted.  “I wish I would’ve known all of these little tiny details that have played a part in our decision earlier, but unfortunately that’s the way the cookie crumbled.  We’re just trying to make the best of it.  I hope that some of the guys that are planning on being there aren’t affected by this date change.  We’re just trying to do what’s best for this race and the racers.”


Although the All American 400 race date has been moved, there will still be on-track action at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville (TN) on the weekend of October 5-7.  The track will host its final points-counting event, a 100-lap affair for the Pro Late Models, that weekend.


A full weekend schedule for the 43rd Annual All American 400 will be released later today on the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville website.  To find more information about the All American 400 weekend, visit the track’s website at


-Story by Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

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Nashville Announces Date Change for 2018 All American 400