Yet another chapter has been written in the ongoing saga between rivals Junior Miller and Burt Myers.

Under a full moon Saturday night, the two gladiators went at it once again at the southern coliseum of the Madhouse in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series 100-lap Modified event.

Point leader Burt Myers started near the rear of the field and steadily worked his way up to the top-five with ten laps to go.

The infield chase game is getting all too familiar at BGS between Myers and Miller.  ( photo)

The infield chase game is getting all too familiar at BGS between Myers and Miller. ( photo)

At lap 92, his longtime Modified rival, Junior Miller began to slow.  Miller and Myers had gotten into a car fight a few weeks back so fans knew revenge would be on Miller’s mind since he wasn’t running well in this race.  In fact, coming into this race, there was plenty of internet chatter from the Miller camp about how this double-points race could effect Burt Myers championship hopes.

The crowd jumped to their feet as Myers approached the lapped car of Miller with six laps to go.  Miller missed in his attempt to hit the number-one car on the backstretch, but Myers proceeded to make hard contact with the 69 in turn three, which eliminated himself from a top finishing position.

What happened next is what Bowman Gray’s lore is all about.  The pair proceeded to chase each other through the infield to wreck each other further.  In the ensuing melee, Myers eventually made contact with the top-five car of Tim Brown.  (Video of the happening is linked at the bottom of the page.)

The end result… Myers is put to the rear and Miller is escorted off the premises by the police.

Tim Brown's 83.  ( photo)

Tim Brown’s 83. ( photo)

Dean Ward won the 100-lap race followed by Burt’s brother Jason Myers and Tim Brown, who regained the points lead unofficially by nineteen markers after the Myers/Miller Mayhem.

“He wrecked me (earlier). I just tried to pay him back a little of what we got,” said Miller.  “We still got it going and did what we needed to do, we got him back.  We’ll be back and we gonna shake his ol’ tree again.  We gonna shake his ol’ head if he wants to jump out here with us too.”

“Junior said what he was gonna do this before the race tonight; I just beat him to the punch,” said Burt Myers.  “If he thinks I’m worried about a championship this year he’s wrong . I will continue to take care of business till he quits or something else happens. I’m way younger (than him) and will continue to win races and championships long after he’s gone.  I’ve said it before, you can’t mess with manure without it getting on you and I’m about to get it all over me.  This championship don’t mean a hill of beans to me this year.”

Tim Brown declined an interview, but did say, “Their (Myers) name says it all, Dirty South, enough said.”

By Jody Salter – correspondent/Director, Street Stock Nation

Myers Says Manure About to Make a Madhouse Mess