Myers Family Making Trip to New Smyrna Together

Burt Myers typically does not start his season with a trip to New Smyrna Speedway in the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.


Burt’s father, Gary Myers, made it a priority for the 10-time Bowman Gray Stadium champion to add that to his schedule for 2021.


“He says, ‘I want to go back one more time before I die.’  That’s what he says.”


Thus, father and son are making the journey south to the Sunshine State in February, in a rare collaborative effort between the two.


“My brother drives for my dad, and I do my own deal.  I’m using my running gear and his chassis.  We’ve got some sponsorship paying for the bills.  Doing it collectively was going to be easier on both of us.  Doing it this way, we’re both a part of it.


“By me and him putting our efforts together in the same pot, we were able to pull this off with some help from some sponsors.”


While the logistics of combining the two teams made the decision to go to New Smyrna an easier one, the opportunity to work together again was too good to pass up for Burt Myers.


“To be honest, the sentimental side for me, for him to be a part of it, is what’s exciting on my behalf,” said Myers.  “It’s going to be cool to go down there and run the No. 4 and drive my dad’s car, like when I first started racing.”


This will be a particularly exciting year to take part in the Tour-type Modified battles at New Smyrna Speedway during Speedweeks.  More than 40 teams have entered this year’s World Series, meaning Myers will be able to test his mettle against the best of the best.


“It’s like when I went up and did the Tri Track deal at Stafford and they had 53 cars, I think.  Modifieds in the south have slowly become support classes to Late Models and Super Late Models.  Whenever I see an event with a large number of Modified entries, it does my heart good.  I’m an old-school Modified guy.  To go down and know there are that many cars and that many people supporting a Modified event, it’s really nice to see.


“You’re only as good as your competition.  If you can go to New Smyrna and run good, maybe get some wins, you’ve beat the best of the best.”


It will also be a chance for Myers to make up for lost time behind the wheel.  With the 2020 Bowman Gray Stadium season lost to COVID-19, Myers didn’t get as many laps last year as he would hope.


“I’m ready to get back at it.  Had we known 2020 would have turned out the way it did, we probably would have gone to Speedweeks last year.


“I am ready to go down there and get after it.  I love racing at New Smyrna.  It’s one of those tracks where you have to get after it lap after lap.  There is no riding around, so that fits right up my alley.”


More importantly, though, it will be a chance for the Myers family to compete together during Speedweeks.


“To be able to do it with my dad, together with my guys, him and my mom coming down.  No. 4 was my grandpa’s number, it was my dad’s number, it was my number and now it’s my brother’s number.  It’s the family number.  To be able to support that number and him be there to watch it is a whole lot of it for me.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Myers Family Making Trip to New Smyrna Together