Myers Explains Role in ‘Madhouse’ Modified Demo Derby

Saturday night, tempers flared at Bowman Gray Stadium, with Modified drivers Jason Myers and Jonathan Brown coming together on-track before getting into a demolition derby with their Modified race cars.


During the first of twin features for the Modifieds Saturday night, Myers and Brown collided, costing Myers a shot at a strong finish.  Myers retaliated in the second feature of the evening, waiting for Brown before spinning him into the wall.


That is where the theatrics began, as both drivers began running into each other under caution until both cars came to rest against one another.


Jason Myers joined Speed51’s “The Morning Bullring” Monday to discuss his involvement in the fracas, the sort of incident that is rare at many short tracks but commonplace at “The Madhouse.”


“It’s a fire that burns and fuels itself every week, because it’s a quarter-mile track around a football field in a Modified,” Myers said.  “It’s a living room full of pit bulls.


“I’m not proud of what happened,” he added.  “I don’t like racing that way, I don’t like for it to be like that.  It’s a part of being a victim of our environment.”


According to Myers, the history between himself and Brown dates back five years.


“In 2014, I’m six points out of the lead, last race of the season, double-points, going for the championship up against Danny Bohn,” Myers began.  “Danny Bohn’s driving a car owned by Puddin Swisher, okay?  Jonathan Brown gets in Danny Bohn’s car as a backup. One race deal.  10 laps to go, I’m running third, Jonathan Brown wrecks me in Danny Bohn’s car so Danny Bohn can win the championship.  That’s where it started.


“How much worse does it get than that?  You put people in race cars that do stupid things and think it won’t come back to them? I’m sure you are familiar with ‘A Christmas Story,’ the movie?  When Ralphie finally stood up for himself and beat that boy up in the school parking lot. You can’t take but so much.  The bully finally gets retaliated against.”


Myers added this was not his first run-in recently with Brown, either.


“Three weeks ago, it was double-points, and I’m leading the race and I got wrecked by Jonathan Brown,” he claimed.  “Last year, on a double-points night, I’m second in the points, and his brother, BoBo, who runs one race a year, knocked me out.  I’ve had enough.  I’ve talked a lot of crap about a lot of people waiting on people under caution because it’s not right, but it happened.  I’m not proud of it but I’d do it again if I had to.”


Myers admitted that the crash in the second feature was intentional, but he had no intent to injure Brown with the incident.


“I didn’t try to hurt him. I didn’t try to put him in the barrels or hit him in the drivers’ door.  But I wanted to take him out of contention and show him he better not touch my race car again or we’ll do this until it stops.”


Some have speculated that Myers took action to assist his brother, Burt, in the Bowman Gray Stadium championship hunt.  Jason debunked that notion flatly, saying Brown’s title hopes are alive and well and Burt likely doesn’t need the assistance.


“I really didn’t take [Brown] out of championship contention,” Jason Myers said.  “I only hurt him about 10 or so points.  If I wanted to take him out of championship, I would have waited until the final race of the season.  This has nothing to do with the championship.


“Burt has won the last three championships, and he’s won nine.  He’s leading the points now, why the hell does he need my help?  I don’t see why Burt needs my help to win a fourth championship in a row.  This has nothing to do with Burt.”


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Attempts to reach Brown to share his side of the story on “The Morning Bullring” were unsuccessful, but stay tuned to where we will follow up with Brown.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

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Myers Explains Role in ‘Madhouse’ Modified Demo Derby