Mr. Smooth Sails to $7,000 Victory in Missouri

“Mr. Smooth” lived up to his nickname Saturday night at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55. Hall-of-Fame Dirt Late Model racer Billy Moyer started from the outside of the front row and led wire-to-wire on his way to claiming a $7,000 payday in the Karl Chevrolet 50.


“I ran a different combination tonight than I would have any other night and I haven’t ever ran this car here either, but it paid off,” Moyer said. “We raced at East Bay in February and haven’t really done much since that. We got back from that and went through the car. We haven’t tested at all in the downtime, but my teammate Shane Clanton has, so we’ve been working together on that and it was nice to have that speed right out of the box tonight.”


Moyer had speed right out of the box as he set quick time in his Super Late Model qualifying group with a time of 14.296 seconds. Tanner English laid down a fast lap which also put him at the top of his respective qualifying group.


Moyer’s speed carried him through to a heat race win over Brandon Sheppard and Shannon Babb. Local driver Daryn Klein, Jake Timm, Kyle Bronson, Devin Moran, and Tim Manville all won their respective heat races and set them up well for the 50-lap feature.


Moyer started on the outside pole for the Super Late Model main event, with Jake Timm to his inside. Moyer pulled away early, which left Timm and Moran to battle for second. Brandon Sheppard made his way from fifth to the top spots in a hurry where he too battled hard with Moran for position, all while Moyer extended his lead.


Lapped traffic played a factor in the closing laps which allowed Sheppard to peak under Moyer for the lead on several occasions. However, it was Moyer who held on to the top spot and earn the victory.


“Lapped traffic was slowing me down quite a bit and that allowed Sheppard to get to the back of me” Moyer said. “I was just trying to be careful and not turn myself around or get my nose bent up. He’s a hell of a driver of course and with him behind me I sort of felt safe that he wasn’t going to do anything to take us both out. I thought about the race at Fairbury last fall where he passed me on the last lap and I wasn’t going to let him do that again.”


Saturday’s night’s victory was the 841st win of Moyer’s legendary career.



  1. Billy Moyer, Sr.
  2. Brandon Sheppard
  3. Devin Moran
  4. Tanner English
  5. Kyle Bronson
  6. Frank Heckenast, Jr.
  7. Tyler Erb
  8. Brian Shirley
  9. Bobby Pierce
  10. Shannon Babb
  11. Tim Manville
  12. Jason Feger
  13. Dennis Erb, Jr.
  14. Mark Voigt
  15. Jake Timm
  16. Billy Moyer, Jr.
  17. Kody Evans
  18. Jeff Herzog
  19. Rusty Schlenk
  20. Rodney Melvin
  21. Ryan Unzicker
  22. Daryn Klein
  23. Chris Simpson
  24. Allen Weisser

-Story by: Madison Mabry, Speed51 Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51

Mr. Smooth Sails to $7,000 Victory in Missouri