WEEDSPORT, N.Y. – The Mr. DIRTcar Home Track program is in its final week of the point’s battle in all four DIRTcar divisions for the Mr. DIRTcar Home Track Championship standings. All DIRTcar track points and Mr. DIRTcar points end Monday, Sept. 5th. All bonus points will be issued next week to all DIRTcar licensed members. All non-members will not earn track bonus points. DIRTcar memberships had to be purchased by Aug. 1st in order to qualify for the bonus points. With the incredible points battle between all DIRTcar divisions who will be taking the checkers and be titled Mr. DIRTcar Home Track Champion?

Number of DIRTcar sanctioned tracks for each division:
8 – Big Block Modified tracks
8 – 358 Small Block Modified tracks
15 – Sportsman Modified tracks
9 – Pro-Stock tracks

Big-Block Modified

The Big-Block Modified point battle between top runners Matt Sheppard and Stewart Friesen has remained the same for first and second. Friesen however has gained eight points this past week and is now sixteen points out from Sheppard. Sheppard has 42 starts, 13 wins, 31 top five finishes and 35 top ten finishes. Friesen has 40 starts, nine wins, 26 top five finishes and 31 top ten finishes.


The top five in the 358-Modified division has remained the same. Steve Bernard however has increased his point difference between him and point leader Erick Rudolph. Bernard is now sixteen points out from Rudolph. Rudolph has 29 starts, eight wins, 26 top five finishes and 29 top ten finishes.

Sportsman Modified

Brad Rouse has gained an extra eight points this past week over second place runner Cody McPherson in the point battle for the Sportsman Modified division. Rouse has 35 starts, 13 wins, 28 top five finishes and 32 top ten finishes. Martin Pelletier has advanced from fifth spot to third in the past week. Ron Davis III has also advanced from seventh spot to round out the top five.


The Pro-Stock division has seen a change in the Mr. DIRTcar Points as Stephane Lemire has taken over the top spot from Jocelyn Roy by just two points. Lemire has 25 starts, eight wins, 21 top five finishes and 22 top 10 finishes.

All information on the championship point battles will be available at DIRTcar.com.

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Mr. DIRTcar Home Track Big-Block Modified Points as of 8/29/16

Pos. Driver Points
1 Matt Sheppard 948
2 Stewart Friesen 932
3 Brett Hearn 922
4 Larry Wight 890
5 Mat Williamson 886
6 Rex King Jr. 884
7 Tim Fuller 880
8 Jimmy Phelps 878
9 Kenny Tremont Jr. 866
10 Ronnie Johnson 862

Mr. DIRTcar Home Track 358-Modified Points as of 8/29/16

Pos. Driver Points
1 Erick Rudolph 928
2 Steve Bernard 912
3 David Hebert 900
4 Mario Clair 894
5 Chris Raabe 888
5 Pete Bicknell 888
7 Steve Bernier 874
8 Danny O’Brien 874
9 Ryan Susice 864
9 Chad Brachmann 840
11 Jordan McCreadie 840

Mr. DIRTcar Home Track Sportsman Modified Points as of 8/29/16

Pos. Driver Points
1 Brad Rouse 948
2 Cody McPherson 932
3 Martin Pelletier 928
4 Shane Pecore 912
5 Ron Davis III 910
6 Dany Gagne 904
7 Rocky Warner 898
8 Martin Hebert 884
9 Adam Pierson 858
10 Justin Sharp 858

Mr. DIRTcar Home Track Pro-Stock Points as of 8/29/16

Pos. Driver Points
1 Stephane Lemire 902
2 Jocelyn Roy 900
3 Robbie Speed 862
4 Rob Yetman 858
5 Jay Corbin 844
6 Nick Stone 818
7 Guy Viens 818
8 Corey McPherson 814
9 Kenny Gates 810
10 Stephane LeBrun 792


-DIRTcar Press Release.  Photo Credit: Speed51.com

Mr. DIRTcar Home Track Program Heads Into Final Week