BRADFORD, VT – Scattered rain showers forced Bear Ridge Speedway to limit their racing program to features only on Saturday night during Race Against Cancer night. For the fans who stood up to mother nature and waited out the rain, there was plenty of edge of your seat on display throughout the night.


The DIRTcar Bond Auto Sportsman Modifieds hit the track, took the green, and never stopped until the checkers waved 40 laps later. Mike Dunn, the pole sitter, went green to checkers for the win. The battle for second and third was hard fought between TC Forward and Ryan Christian, but a late race berm ride found Christian falling back with Forward locking in the bridesmaid position. Josh Sunn and Chris Donnelly worked their way from deep in the pack, but the laps would run out before they could set a serious challenge on the top-two. When the checkers waved in tow of Dunn were Forward, Sunn, Donnelly, and Christian.


Earl Maxham was happy for the features only format in the DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes, as he was able to gain the lead and survive a couple of cautions to score the win. Louie Cadwell starting from mid pack was able to get to the rear of Maxham, but ended up not having enough laps to mount a real challenge. Cadwell settled for second with Jason Horniak filling the final victory lane spot with his third-place finish. Mitchell Frost, the pole sitter, came home in fourth with Josh Harrington grabbing fifth.


Saturday night’s event was the first night of the season in the USAC DMA Midgets that Adam Pierson was not the dominate car of the night. Mechanical issues took Pierson totally out of the game giving the rest of the field the opportunity they were ready to take advantage of. Jeff Champagne took advantage of his up front starting spot and worked Vince Lucca for most of the event. Lucca looked unstoppable, but on lap 23 Champagne was able to make the move on Lucca to steal the lead and go on to win the event. Seth Carson, in his first appearance, came across the line in second with Lucca holding on for third. Scott Viets and Ray Miller rounded out the top-five.


Rob Williams was finally able to grab another win in the Laquerre’s Sports Limited Late Models as he got past Jason Giguere for his fourth checkered flag of the season. Giguere crossed the line in second with Matt Lashua coming home in third.


Mike Ryan continued his fast pace towards toward the Hornets championship by scoring another win on Saturday night. Hunter Garduno was able to come back from a couple of rough weeks to finish in second with Bobby Bell coming home in third. The first Fast Four across the line was Jesse Durkee in fourth. David Durkee, Sr. rounded out the top-five.


Visiting for the first time this season were the 1200 sprints with Zach Bennett from Newton, Conn. coming home the winner of the event. Phil Bessette and Rick Stone completed the top-three.


-Bear Ridge Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Alan Ward


99ROCK Weekly Racing Series
Bear Ridge Speedway — Bradford, VT
Saturday, Sept 6, 2014

Bond Auto DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Feature (40 laps)
9 Mike Dunn
1x TC Forward®
11 Josh Sunn
20 Chris Donnelly
10s Ryan Christian®
28 Bob Shepard
42t Robert Tucker
24 Jordan Fornwalt
OO Jason Gray
73 Kevin Chaffee
O1 Mike Gendron
27 Ed Patterson
34 Richie Simmons
4 DJ Robinson®
15 Adam Pierson
5 Gary Siemons
10 Derek Graham
17 Travis Shinn
X Bryan King
77 Alan Hammond
42c Josh Currier
1B Derek Barker
91 Tim Tucker

DIRTcar Wells River Chevrolet Pro Stock Sportsman Coupe Feature (30 laps)
43 Earl Maxham
81 Louie Cadwell
3 Jason Horniak
14 Mitchell Frost®
71 Josh Harrington
44 Michael Danforth ®
26 Logan Oliver®
22 Thomas Placey
34 Billy Simmons
32 Terry Williams
18 Jason Colbeth
8 Teddy Salomaa
4 Jeff Robbins
16 Brian Chaffee ®
24 Joel Beckley

USAC DMA Midgets (25 laps)
77 Jeff Champagne
7 Seth Carlson
11v Vince Lucca
2 Scott Viets
1w Ray Miller
12 Adam Whitney
18c Mike Chaffee
47 Scott Holcomb
9 Dean Christensen
6 Joe Krawiec
29 Anthony Nocella
76 Josh Sunn
33 Tim Gallant
1r Jeff Horn
21 Lauryn Burd
20 Stephen Morisillo
o9 Amanda Habel
76m Adam Pierson
6 Frank Malec

Laquerre’s Sports Limited Late Model Feature (20 laps)
7w Rob Williams®
23 Jason Giguere
18 Matt Lashua
2 Derrick Stearns®
91 James Fadden
57 Kevin Harran®
11 Travis Smith
29 Mike Greene III

Weglarz Property Service Fast Fours/KDD NAPA of Bradford Ridge Runner Hornets (20 laps)
86 Mike Ryan
13 Hunter Garduno
24 Bobby Bell
29 Jesse Durkee
28 David Durkee Sr
3 Charlie Lakin
56 Chris LaForest
4 Rob Gioia
87 Don Reynolds
71 Cody Stearns®
7 Arlene Atkins
187 Doug Boucher
21 Lucas Wheeler
17 Deven Stearns®
68 Derrick Durkee
8 Sean Perron

Mother Nature No Match for Mike Dunn at Bear Ridge