Last Saturday the Wiscasset Speedway presented a jam-packed show including the second annual “Top Gun Strictly Shootout” presented by McKeage’s Top Gun Construction, the Amsoil Nelcar Legends, and division racing with Prostock, Outlaw Mini, and New England Four Cylinder Prostock. The grandstands were packed, and the weather was cool and pleasant. There were numerous giveaways, including bicycles for the kids. During intermission Joe Pastori, a driver who drives in Pass Sportsman and Prostock divisions, performed stunts on the racetrack to entertain the crowd. Additionally, Dan Brown was awarded the Four Seasons Synthetic Oil Driver of the Month for the month of August.


The Spotlighted feature of the night was the forty lap Top Gun Strictly Shootout. Thirty-six cars competed in three heat races and one consolation race to determine position. The top twenty-one in the field were inverted for starting position. Ultimately thirty-three cars participated in the shootout. Starting on the pole was the # 3 of Mike Short. Behind him were the #2 of Josh Bailey and the #42 of Johnny Wolfe. During the opening lap, the #40 of Mac Hannon Jr passed both Wolfe and Bailey for second place. The #82 of Chaz Briggs, who started in seventh, headed to the inside during lap two and passed Bailey on turn three for third.


There was a caution during lap six, and when racing action resumed on the track, Briggs once again took the inside line and passed Hannon for second. There was a second caution during lap seven and on the restart the #81 of Lewis Anderson passed Hannon for third. The third of four cautions came during lap eight. When action on the track began once again, Briggs and Short raced neck and neck for the lead. Then, during lap ten, Briggs passed Short for the lead. Anderson followed Briggs and took second place, Short dropped to third.


Starting in thirty-first place was the #26 of Corey Morgan. Morgan wrecked his car last week during the Strictly Street heat race. He rebuilt the entire front of the car, and it took him all week, working every day to repair it.


Morgan ran in the first heat race, and placed first, but the camber was off on the car and he was disqualified and had to run in the consolation race to qualify and determine position. During the consolation race Morgan had yet another obstacle to overcome when he was involved in a crash on the back stretch. Morgan said his car had a broken radiator, tie rod, and spindle. Morgan was towed to the pits thinking his day was over. However, drivers and crews came to his pit stall from other pits and helped Morgan repair his car in time for the feature.


Fans cheered on Morgan as his #26 passed Short for third during lap twenty-four. Morgan was then passed by the #51 of Kyle Hewins on the inside, and Hewins took third. Up ahead, in the race for the lead, Anderson passed Briggs and took first. As Anderson and Briggs battled, the pair made contact on the front stretch and both cars went onto the infield, then back out onto the track near turn one collecting cars in a jumble. A caution was called and race leaders Anderson and Briggs were sent to the back. This brought Hewins to first place, Morgan to second place. The #45 of Cole Watson, who had started in twenty-ninth place, advanced to third. Watson had started in twenty-ninth place. Watson was also last year’s Top Gun Strictly Shootout winner.


When green flag racing began, Morgan passed Hewins off the start. Morgan was able to maintain his lead and flew under the checkered in first. However, Morgan couldn’t negotiate turn one and his car struck the turn one wall at speed in a spectacular crash. Morgan was able to walk away and his car was towed to Victory Lane on a flatbed. It was determined Morgan’s car had broken a wheel bearing. Hewins placed second. Watson placed third. Morgan also won the “Hard Charger” award. This award was given to the driver who gained the most positions on the track during the race.


Morgan said, “It was a rough day and a challenging race. I worked day and night for a week fixing the car for the race after last week’s wreck. Then, I had to race in the consolation after being disqualified for camber. When I wrecked in the second heat I thought it was over. I did not think I would be able to fix the car, but everyone came from all over to help me fix it, I want to thank everyone for that. I want to thank my crew and McKeage’s Top Gun Construction for sponsoring the race.”


The Amsoil Nelcar Legends made their fifth and final appearance at Wiscasset Speedway this week. This twenty-five lap feature was action packed. Starting on the pole was the #33 of Alan Smith. Behind him were Bob Weymouth of the #399 and Tylar Braunschweig of the #70. The #96 of Wyatt Alexander passed Braunschweig for third on the outside during lap five. The #38 of Mathew Bourgoine advanced from his ninth starting position and passed Alexander for third on the outside of turn three during lap eight. Bourgoine was point leader heading into the race. Bourgoine said prior to race time that. “If I get a solid finish tonight I should be able to take the championship with no problem.”
Bourgoine advanced up the track and passed Weymouth on the outside of turn two for second during lap eleven. Coming up from behind was the #59 of Reid Lanpher. Lanpher passed both Bourgoine and Weymouth on the inside for second during lap fifteen. Bourgoine then headed inside and passed both Lanpher and Smith for the lead during lap seventeen.


There was a caution during lap twenty-one when Lanpher and Smith made contact and both hit the backstretch wall. The drivers were not hurt. Bourgoine advanced to first. Alexander moved to second. Moving to third was Weymouth. When green flag racing resumed, the #19 of Kevin Girard Jr passed Weymouth on the inside of turn three for third. There was a caution during lap twenty-three. On the restart, Girard passed Alexander for second. Race leaders remained constant until the conclusion of the race. Bourgoine placed first. Bourgoine completed a five race sweep at Wiscasset. He won all five Amsoil Nelcar Legends races held at Wiscasset Speedway. Girard took second. Rounding out the top three was Alexander.


Bourgoine said, “It was an interesting race. The car got loose. Definitely did not like being on the outside today. I had a good battle with Reid Lanpher and Alan Smith. I have one more race, and I think now with this win it is mathematically impossible for anyone to beat me in the points race. This will make my third straight championship in a row. This has been a good season, and I love racing here at Wiscasset. The Jordan’s have done a great job at this track and I like racing here. I want to thank my sponsors: Realty of Maine, Corrinna Auto Body, and Terry’s Garage.”


A thirty lap Prostock feature was next on the agenda. This was an anticipated race by fans. On the line was the point championship title. Mike Orr of the #32 began the race leading in points. Orr had twelve more points than the #15 of Nick Hinkley. Prior to race time Hinkley said, “I need to win both the heat and the feature to take the championship. It is going to be fun. If Orr wins this race I will be happy for him, and I am sure he would be happy for me if I took it.”


Starting at the pole was the #77 of Maggie Ferland. However, Ferland needed a window net repair as the race was about to begin, and had to start at the rear. The #96 of Wyatt Alexander moved into the pole position. Behind him were the #15 of Nick Hinkley and the #39 of James Osmond. When the green flag flew over the track, the #51 of John Peters passed Osmond for third. Peters continued his advance up the track and passed Alexander on the inside of turn four during lap two and took second.


The #9 of Dylan Turner passed Alexander on the outside of turn two for third during lap six. Ahead, Peters and Hinkley begin racing door to door. Fans were on the edge of their seats watching to duo battle for the lead. Then, during lap eleven, Peters passed Hinkley for the lead. Coming up from his twelfth starting position was Scott Chubbuck of the #15X. Chubbuck passed Turner during lap eighteen for third.
There was a caution during lap twenty-four when Hinkley and Chubbuck made contact on the track. Both went to the rear. Peters retained the lead. Turner moved to second. Moving to third was the #1 of Jeff Burgess. When racing action resumed, Turner had a bad start, causing a small jumble on the track. Burgess moved to second and the #19 of John Rideout advanced to third. There were no additional leader changes and Peters took the checkered. Burgess placed second. Rideout rounded out the top three in third. Orr was declared Point Champion in the Prostock division. When speaking to Orr before the race, Orr was confident he was going to finish well. Orr said, “I came here to win, and the car is back where it should be. This should be fun.”


A twenty lap New England Four Cylinder Prostock feature was exciting to the finish. The point championship title was on the line in this race also. Only six points separated point leader Kamren Knowles from Jeff Prindall. Starting on the pole was the #12 of Dave Patten. Behind him were the #27 of Jacob Hendsbee and the #14 of Bob Patten.


The #98 of Kamren Knowles passed Bob Patten on the outside of the front stretch during lap one for third. Dave Patten spun on the track alone during lap two, with no caution, and fell behind. Hendsbee moved to first, Knowles moved to second, and Bob Patten moved to third.
The #5 of Justin Larsen passed Bob Patten on the outside of turn three during lap four for third. However, Larsen spun on the track, and the #24 of Jeff Prindall passed him for third. With only five to go, Prindall passed Knowles for second. Prindall continued his advance up the track, passing Hendsbee for the lead.


Everything changed for Prindall during lap seventeen. Prindall’s car made contact with the #7 of Jerry Bailey and his car was towed from the track with damage. Hendsbee moved back into first place. Knowles moved to second place. Craig Dunn of the #8 moved to third place.
With only three to go, Dunn marched up the track and passed Knowles for second. Knowles slowed and Larsen passed him for third. Hendsbee took his first NEFCP win of the season. Dunn came in second. Larsen placed third.


Hendsbee said, “I am basically a rookie. I am a four time champ with go carts and mini cup, but this is my first win in a bigger car. I thought it was a good race. It felt pretty good to me, and I feel pretty happy right now!”


Knowles was declared Points Champion. Knowles said, “Feels good to win a championship at age fourteen during my first full season. I would consider myself a rookie, so this has been a good year for me.”


A twenty-five lap Outlaw Mini feature was quick and straightforward. Starting on the pole was the #2 of Rob Greenleaf. Behind him was the #9 of George Fortin and the #12 of Darrell Moore. Fortin passed Greenleaf off the start, taking the lead. Greenleaf got loose, and fell off the pace. The #8 of Calvin Rose Jr advanced to third.


Rose passed Moore for third on the inside of turn two for third. The #18X of Tim Collins, who started in twelfth position, had moved up the track and was challenging the race leaders. Collins passed Greenleaf on the outside of the back stretch during lap twelve for third. Collins advanced up the track and passed Rose for second on the outside of turn two during lap fourteen.


The #10 of Jimmy Childs had worked his way up through traffic and during the final lap crept up behind Rose. Coming out of turn four, and heading to the finish, Childs roared under the checkered 2/100ths of a second ahead of Rose, snatching third place at the last possible moment. Fortin took the win. Collins placed second. Childs placed third. Fortin said, “Felt really good to come back after hitting the wall and win one. Spent the last couple of weeks putting the car back together again. I was also surprised the race went caution free! It was a great race. I want to thank my sponsors: Wolf Den Racing, South of the Border, and M.A. Simon Trucking.”


Childs was declared point champion of the Outlaw Mini division. Childs said, “We worked hard all year to get the points that we got. Me, my dad, and my team have earned it through hard work. Feels good to be point champion. I won two championships at Oxford during ’06 and ’07. Now, with this championship win, I have three championships under my belt. It feels like a dream come true.”


Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action, September 27, 2014 with its group two lineup of divisions: Late Model Sportsman, Napa Super Street, Thunder 4’s and Mini Trucks. The flex race of the week is an Enduro race. Details for the Enduro can be found on the website. Pit gates open at 1:00 PM. Grandstand gates open at 3:00 PM. Racing begins at 5:00 PM. Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older. Kids six and under are free. Pit admission is $20.00. Race fans and drivers can also now purchase their favorite pictures from not only this season, but from season’s past, at Peter Taylor’s (the track photographer) website: Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset. For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at


-Wiscasset Speedway Press Release.  Photo Credit: Peter and Mary Taylor




  1. #26 Corey Morgan, Lewiston
  2. #51 Kyle Hewins, Leeds
  3. #45 Cole Watson, Naples
  4. #83 Dan Brown, Peru
  5. #11X Craig Smith, East Waterboro
  6. #3 Mike Short, Auburn
  7. #55 Kurt Hewins, Leeds
  8. #14 Dave St Clair, Liberty
  9. #40 Mac Hannon Jr, Union
  10. #12 Justin Karkos, Livermore
  11. #81 Lewis Anderson, Hollis
  12. #6 Mike Brown, Hope
  13. #33 Travis Burrows, NA
  14. #7B Chris Burgess, NA
  15. #51X Allan Higgins, Brunswick
  16. #15 Jeremy Westcott, Naples
  17. #2 Josh Bailey, Wiscasset
  18. #24 Jonathan Emerson, Sabattus
  19. #66 Phil Main Sr, Boothbay
  20. #00 Kimberly Knight, Chesterville
  21. #124 Joe Morey, Lisbon
  22. #82 Chaz Briggs, Westbrook
  23. #343 Spencer Morse, Waterford
  24. #36 Nathan Leavitt, Buxton
  25. #5 Guy Childs Jr, Turner
  26. #221 Caleb Emerson-Mains, New Gloucester
  27. #8X Ethan Dinsmore, Hope
  28. #39 Gerard Freve, Turner
  29. #42 Johnny Wolfe, NA
  30. #43 Ben Erskine, Farmington
  31. #32 Tasha Dyer, Freedom
  32. #31 Matt Mysharll, Dresden

DQ #23 Zack Emerson, Sabattus



  1. #38 Mathew Bourgoine, Newport
  2. #19 Kevin Girard Jr, Old Orchard Beach
  3. #96 Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth
  4. #399 Bob Weymouth, Topsham
  5. #70 Tylar Braunschweig, West Newfield
  6. #72 Michael Humphrey, Cornish
  7. #12 David Johnson, Massachusetts
  8. #2 Darren Johnson, Pembroke, NH
  9. #59 Reid Lanpher, Manchester
  10. #8 Matt Chagnot, Derry, NH
  11. #60 Anthony Pagliarulo, Groveland, MA
  12. #00 Phil Brackett, South Portland
  13. #61 Garret Johnson, NA
  14. #111 Art M, NA
  15. #27 Richard Humphrey, Parsonsfield
  16. #80 Dylan Varney, Windham
  17. #33 Alan Smith, Lincoln
  18. #85 Cole Harrison, Durham
  19. #5 Todd Harrison, Durham
  20. #17 Terry Kirk, Durham


  1. #51 John Peters, Westbrook
  2. #1 Jeff Burgess, Fairfield
  3. #19 John Rideout, Washington
  4. #9 Dylan Turner, Freedom
  5. #33 Poncho Darveau, Chelsea
  6. #72 Charlie Colby, Newcastle
  7. #04 Allan Moeller Sr, Dresden
  8. #96 Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth
  9. #32 Mike Orr, Wiscasset
  10. #15 Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset
  11. #0 Mike Penfold, Oxford
  12. #81 Dan Winter, Windham
  13. #15X Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin
  14. #77 Maggie Ferland, Auburn
  15. #39 James Osmond, Woolwich
  16. #11 Ed Trask, Chelsea
  17. #11X Billy Childs, Leeds


  1. #27 Jacob Hendsbee, Whitefield
  2. #8 Craig Dunn, Strong
  3. #5 Justin Larsen, Peru
  4. #98 Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner
  5. #14 Bob Patten, Westbrook
  6. #55 John Shorey, Alna
  7. #9X Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner
  8. #99 Cameron Folsom, Augusta
  9. #12 Dave Patten, Westbrook
  10. #24 Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls
  11. #7 Jerry Bailey, Wiscasset


  1. #9 George Fortin, Greene
  2. #18X Tim Collins, Waldoboro
  3. #10 Jimmy Childs, Leeds
  4. #8 Calvin Rose Jr, Turner
  5. #2 Robbie Greenleaf, West Bath
  6. #13 Nate Tribbet, Richmond
  7. #20 Shawn Kimball, Augusta
  8. #12 Darrell Moore, Oxford
  9. #01 Cam Childs, NA
  10. #14 Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls
  11. #61 Chris Morris, Poland
  12. #53 Nick Bissell, Lewiston

Morgan Wins Thriller at Wiscasset