More Than 100 Racers Compete in KKM Classic Prelims

More than 100 drivers took part in Sawyer Chassis Preliminary Night at Millbridge Speedway, setting the stage the big Wednesday finale at the TRD Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Rowdy Energy.  Through qualifying and heat races, the top-earning drivers locked into Wednesday’s qualifiers, while the rest will tackle the alphabet soup in hopes of making the 67-lap feature.




One of the standouts from Preliminary Night was Alex Bright.  Last year’s non-wing Micro Sprint winner in the TRD Micro Showdown at Millbridge, Bright is back at the Salisbury, North Carolina facility looking for another big win.


After finishing Monday’s practice night with the fastest lap of the evening, Bright was third-fastest in Flight B of qualifying and then charged from fourth to first in his heat race. Bright earned 311 passing points during the night, more than any other driver in attendance.


“I had a good car yesterday, good car tonight,” said Bright.  “This car is just on rails.  I haven’t touched it too much.  The track’s been good and racey.  We won this race last year, the non-wing portion of it, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow.  I know we’ve got qualifiers left, so there’s some racing left before the feature.  It’s a long 67 laps, it’s going to be a tough race.”


While Bright did win last year’s TRD Micro Showdown, the increased level of competition at this year’s KKM Giveback Classic has elevated the stakes.  From NASCAR competitors such as Christopher Bell, Kyle Larson and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. to local racers who have been winning at Millbridge, the list of contenders is a long one.


“You have your NASCAR drivers here, Bell and Larson.  You’ve got some Midget drivers here, and the best Micro drivers here.  You have your locals here that run every week.  I can’t thank everyone enough that puts this show on, and you guys being here supporting the Micro division.”


Daison Pursley is another driver who shined on Preliminary Night, winning the seventh heat race.  However, he and his Keith Kunz Motorsports team were still focused on improving for Wednesday.


“The driver struggled a little bit in qualifying,” said Paisley.  “The nerves got to me.  Everyone knows the car was better than that.  The driver has to be on his point, and he wasn’t there.  We were able to make a good recovery in a tough heat race.  I’ve got my head on straight now, so I know we’ll be sitting pretty in the qualifier.  If we want to start in the front two rows, we’ve got to win that qualifier tomorrow.


“To win these big races, you’ve got to make sure everything is right.  We had a little bit of a fuel leak issue that developed in that heat race.  Keith and my dad are working on that right now.  Knowing them, in about 30 minutes they’ll have it diagnosed and we’ll get it fixed and ready for tomorrow.”


An action-packed Heat Five ended with Cannon McIntosh taking the checkered flag after an incident with Christian Bruno.  However, McIntosh was disqualified following the heat race, setting himself up for a long night on Wednesday.


“I slid up into one and never even saw the car on the outside until the exit of the corner. I don’t know if he didn’t lift or if he went off the right rear.  It was unfortunate for him.  They were pretty upset with me.  I got out to the lead right after that and we checked out from there.


“The car was hooked up.  I felt like we had a pretty good car in that heat race, but unfortunately we got disqualified at the scales.  That will put a damper on the week, for sure.  We’ll just have to find our way through the field.  We’ll probably have to do the alphabet soup.  We’ll get as far as we can get, but our chances are pretty slim now.”


Race fans will be able to watch Wednesday’s qualifiers and features live on Speed51.TV.  There are two ways to watch Wednesday’s racing.  Speed51.TV subscribers can watch for free, while non-subscribers can click here to order a video pass.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo


TRD Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Rowdy Energy

Flight A Preliminary Night Points

  1. Christopher Bell 305
  2. Brenden Bright 301
  3. Frank Flud 299
  4. Emerson Axsom 298
  5. Jade Avedisian 295
  6. Kyle Larson 285
  7. Billy Koch 279
  8. Trevor Cline 277
  9. Austin Quick 275
  10. Laydon Pearson 273
  11. Trey Marcham 272
  12. Gavan Boschele 270.5
  13. Matt Carr 259.5
  14. Neal Allison 255.5
  15. Jaxon Bishop 255.5
  16. Aiden Purdue 253
  17. Eddie Strada 250.5
  18. Connor Gross 249.5
  19. Gage Robb 248
  20. Sean Brierley 245.5
  21. Noah Gass 244
  22. Zeb Wise 236.5
  23. Tanner Gray 235
  24. Carson Kvapil 234.5
  25. Kris Carroll 233
  26. Preston Lattomus 228
  27. Frank Galusha 215
  28. Jacob Nail 215
  29. Scotty Milan 213.5
  30. Kaylee Bryson 209.5
  31. Tim Nye 205.5
  32. Christian Bruno 205
  33. Brenham Crouch 204
  34. Justin Sokol 202
  35. Joey Robinson 196.5
  36. Matt Francis 194
  37. Jerry Coons, Jr. 193
  38. Beau Brandon 190.5
  39. Easton Lebo 186.5
  40. Jace Park 184
  41. Garyt Smith 184
  42. Cannon McIntosh 180
  43. Brody McLaughlin 177.5
  44. Kenton Brewer 175
  45. Matthew Jones 171
  46. Jeremy Harshman 167.5
  47. Shane Marquez, Jr. 165
  48. Grant Sexton 154
  49. Robbie Smith 152.5
  50. Kameron Morral 148
  51. Shane Heck 146
  52. Cole Ketcham 144
  53. Hunter McFadden 138
  54. Paige Moss 108


Flight B Preliminary Night Points

  1. Alex Bright 311
  2. Brent Crews 307
  3. Brian Career 305
  4. Daison Pursley 298
  5. Ryan Timms 297
  6. Joe B. Miller 284
  7. Kyle Spence 282
  8. Justin Grant 279
  9. Bryant Wiedeman 277
  10. Kenny Miller 276
  11. Austin Schoeffer 275
  12. Greyson Springer 266
  13. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. 262
  14. Nigel Standish 260
  15. Hunter Kohn 259.5
  16. Daniel Robinson 247.5
  17. Shawn Mahaffey 245
  18. Chase Cabre 243
  19. Joe Askew 241
  20. Collin Mitchell 241
  21. Damon Paul 238.5
  22. Jacob Severn 238
  23. Colin White 235.5
  24. Dillon Welch 221
  25. Matthew Howard 218
  26. Logan Rumsey 218
  27. Steven Snyder, Jr. 216.5
  28. Nick Drake 214
  29. Jake Rosario 213.5
  30. Ty Nevins 212
  31. Jim Radney 210
  32. Trey Robb 209.5
  33. Mason Hannagan 207
  34. Colby Sokol 201
  35. Brad Sutton 201
  36. Marv Hephner 199
  37. Chaz Woodward 199
  38. Sam Corry 194.5
  39. Joey Starnes 192
  40. Dalton Dowdy 190
  41. Max McLaughlin 186
  42. Tyler Bowman 181
  43. John Nicholson 179
  44. Hayden Reeves 173.5
  45. Reece Shelton 168
  46. Charlie Heck 167
  47. Mariah Ede 166
  48. Kole Kirkman 161
  49. Caden Englehart 160
  50. Bailee Spitulski 159
  51. Nick Fauci 158
  52. Austin Lambert 154
  53. John Crowder 140

More Than 100 Racers Compete in KKM Classic Prelims